Weird pumpkin spice-flavored foods are one thing, but sugar cookie potato chips are quite another. Yet that’s exactly what Pringles has come up with this year as one of their seasonal holiday snacks. And we have to admit, we’re a little intrigued. After all, Starbucks seasonal drinks are amazing — so why not Pringles? Throughout the years, they’ve released nine different holiday flavors, ranging from all-out weird to surprisingly delicious. Here are our faves, ranked from most perplexing to totally morish.

9. White Chocolate Peppermint: The only reason we’d be willing to try these 2013-era chips is because of the novelty factor. The concept of white chocolate peppermint potato chips is *so* weird, we’d be willing to give these a go.

8. White Chocolate: Brought to us by the year 2014, white chocolate-flavored chips are, well, only slightly less weird than white chocolate peppermint. Baby steps.

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7. Milk Chocolate: The only reason these rank a little higher than white chocolate is because they’re nominally less perplexing. But there’s a reason that chocolate fries aren’t a thing. We’re pretty skeptical of milk chocolate-flavored potatoes, and rightly so.

6. Salted Caramel: The sweet-and-salty nature of these actually sounds pretty good. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little sugar to your usual potato chips. In fact, we can totally see these being kind of yummy!

5. Sugar Cookie: This year, celebrate the holiday season with sugar cookie-flavored Pringles. Yeah, we know, it sounds a little sketch. But we love sugar-cookie flavored snacks so much, we’re excited to give these a try.

4. Pecan Pie: Another current creation, you can pick up these pecan pie-inspired chips at your local supermarket. The nutty flavors of pecan go surprisingly well with salty, crunchy potato chips.

3. Pumpkin Pie Spice: Though this combination sounds totally wonky, we have to admit that we’re suckers for anything PSL-flavored. These chips are no exception, and the crunchy texture is actually *kinda* refreshing — one can’t survive on lattes, after all.

2. Tortillas Cinnamon Sugar: Coming in at no. 2 on our list are 2014’s Tortillas Cinnamon Sugar Pringles. Though they have a slightly heartier texture than traditional Pringles, we honestly didn’t mind… perhaps because cinnamon and sugar are a natural fit for tortilla chips, as the combo is often played up in churros and other desserts.

1. Cinnamon and Sugar: If you don’t like the tortilla-like texture of the Tortillas Cinnamon Sugar chips, this is your perfect solution. These are similarly flavored, but they’re made with the light, flaky potatoes that Pringles are known for.

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