Strength in numbers applies to artistic endeavors too. As a company chock-full of creatives, we’re constantly bowing many heads together on one project. We strongly believe that unexpected combinations can be truly brilliant — like having a designer, seamstress and stylist collaborate on

or mixing very different mediums to create

. With the help of

, we’re taking on another collaborative art project: a DIY wall mural for our video studio’s foyer. Check it out!


Our inspiration comes from the brilliant flavor combinations found in Curate bars, a company that is definitely thinking outside of the (snack) box when it comes to their recipes. Among their tasty bars are real food pairings like pistachio, strawberry and dark chocolate, as well as Marcona almond, apricot, lemon and quinoa. Plus, each bar is non-GMO, gluten free, and boasts less than 200 calories. You guys, these bars have become a MAJOR snack staple at Brit HQ.

Now, onto the epic wall mural!


Meet the talent behind this mural! Kelly, Anita and Lee are some of our resident DIY geniuses at B+C. These three gals (who are also besties IRL) each have unique aesthetics: Kelly is known for her technical mastery and love of tropical vibes; Anita is a pro at bringing a contemporary edge to classic DIY techniques and Lee is a big fan of all things geometric and minimalist. Let’s see what these ladies crank out together!


Materials + Tools
 — tape

— wall paint

— rollers

— adhesive vinyl (3 colors)

— scissors

— wood trim

— finishing nails

— hammer


First, Anita taped off the space the girls would be working within.


Anita went with two super bright and happy paint colors as her base.


She painted roughly half of the taped-off section with orange, let it dry, then covered the other half with a milky pink. We love that she left the center lines as raw paint roller marks.




Next up, Lee added some adhesive vinyl that she cut into colorful geometric shapes.


The beauty of adhesive vinyl is that it functions as a giant laminated sticker, so it’s super easy to apply.


Also, we’re totally digging this cheerful color combo and 90s vibe.


Lastly, Kelly put her pro DIY skills to work by framing it up with colorful wood trim. But first you gotta remove that tape, girl!


Kelly cut thin wood trim to size, painted it in a bright lime green, then hammered it onto the wall.


Psst — giant frames can be CRAZY expensive, so DIYing one is a smart way to save some cash.


Just like that, the mural is done!


Now for some styling…


The girls chose decor items for the foyer that would organically frame up the mural to ensure it was the focal point of the space.


All done!


Onto a v. necessary dance party in the newly decorated space ;)


Thanks for the brilliant inspo, Curate Snacks!

Thinking of trying collaborative art? Share on Instagram with the hashtag #iamcreative and #TasteCurate so we can take a peek!

This post is a collaboration with Curate Snacks.

Author: Maddie Bachelder
 DIY Production: Alonna Morrison, Anita Yung, Lee Schellenberger, Kelly Bryden, Maddie Bachelder
 Video Production: Michael Sullivan, Katie Booker, Justin Gallagher
 Photography: Cody Towner