Ah, color. Rainbow, Pantone, colors inspired by scents — we love all shades, hues and tones. The brighter the better! So when we heard about this colorful new matching game, we were more than intrigued. Color is a new web and tablet game that has you matching shades, hues and complementary colors along a wheel. And just like all those other addictive games (we’re looking at you, Candy Crush Saga and Two Dots), you’ll want to spend hours matching things up just right.


This game has you match hues down to the most specific pigments. Aside from being challenging, this is a good test for your design or artistic eye. There are six levels, and you are scored on each one for accuracy on a scale from one to ten. The game is currently in beta and free to play online. We’re looking forward to seeing how it develops (a matching decor/furniture spin maybe?!) and the different platforms on which it may be available in the near future.

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Try it out (and maybe take a much-needed work break) by heading over to the Color site. We dare you to aim for the perfect score!

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