Since you are creative, we think your workspace should be too. And since we LOVE color, we’ve rounded up some of the boldest and brightest workspaces out there. With their pretty hues, geo-inspired patterns and inspirational styling, these 16 colorful offices will make every workday extra special. And whether you’re looking for one piece, one wall or a whole office overhaul, these workspace show how it’s done.

1. Happy Desk, Happy Life: Paint that sad ol’ desk in a bright peach hue with a contrasting white top and accents. With a color that bold, it’ll surely brighten up every workday. Oh, and that mountain-inspired wall takes things to a whole ‘nother level. (via Bettina Holst)

2. A Wall of Color: If you aren’t too keen on painting the wall or putting a bunch of holes in it for art, just stack up those boxes. Feel free to play around with different colors and patterns for the ultimate (and functional) eye catcher. (via Marie Mersier)

3. Light + Bright: Keep it light and bright with white furniture and colorful everything else. We love the use of pastels AND neons in this creative space. (via Bright Bazaar)

4. Musical Appeal: For a super colorful yet totally changeable look, try bright furniture and an accent wall with framed posters of your favorite bands. You can switch it all up to change the whole vibe whenever you like. (via DesignMilk)

5. One Day At a Time: Are you renting, or just want a low commitment? Try colorful blooms or plants. You can move them in, around and straight out of your office if you want. Match them with some accessories, like those gorgeous pencils, and you’ll be all set. (via The Everygirl)

6. Make Yourself at Home: What a difference a chair and a garland make. With just a few pops of color, this home office is completely transformed. To get this look, remember that less is more. A few bold statements with a black + white base works perfectly. (via Erika Bretchel)

7. Take Flight: All-white with a ceiling of origami? Be still our colorful hearts. As you could imagine, this might take you and your staff a while to achieve, but just think of the awesome bonding experience. Team building, anyone? (via ElixirDesign)

8. You Got This: DIY your way to a colorful home office with this amazingly colorful epoxy desk. Get ready for compliments and bragging rights. (via A Beautiful Mess)

9. Retro Revival: To go for a completely different palette, try these bold + rich hues all mixed together perfectly. Look how well this deep color goes over the Victorian wall details — it’s definitely an inspiration for older apartments or office spaces. (via House & Home)

10. Blue’s Hues: Tie a room together perfectly by pairing accents in different tones of the same hue with a bright white base. Notice how the light blue rug makes all the other blues stand out. (image via Refreshed Designs)

11. Bright + Sunny Wallpaper: We are definitely not mad at all the boldly beautiful color and pattern going on in this workspace. Contrasting color for the desk and chair, along with a bight green floral wallpaper, make this space instantly happiness-inducing. (via Desire to Inspire)

12. Zen Den: Get your boho inspiration from this gorgeous office that mixes warm and cool patterns just right. Pay attention to how the lighter shade painted on the ceiling opens the room up for a light, airy feel. (via Apartment Therapy)

13. Inner Architect: This home office is rife with DIY inspiration. Repaint a few file cabinets in a bright color and use a flat white surface to make a desk. Then add some brightly painted cork boards and a few colorful chairs, and voila! (via Real Simple)

14. Geo Style: If you’re looking for the painting project to end all painting projects, try this geometric mosaic wall. Accent it with minimalist furniture and accessories to make sure your wall stays the focus. (via Au Fil Des Couleurs)

15. The Great Divide: Try color coordinating a wall by dividing it into sections with a large bookcase. Get some colorful accessories like these bright file boxes, books, plants and metallic sculptures. (via Design Sponge)

16. Pack It Up: Try these colorful lockers for organizing a shared creative workspace. To get the look without the extra work or dollars, you could just mount cabinet doors instead. (via Flodeau)

What’s the best office idea you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments.