Decorating a small space can be tricky, even after seeing tons of interior inspo on Pinterest. You’re all about the inspiration, but pulling it off can be a whole other complicated (and expensive) task to execute. The good news is there’s actually a ton of home hacks you can use to make your space look bigger, brighter and way more colorful. Renters, rejoice — we’ve found some easy ways to make square footage magically appear with the help of a few colorful accents. Happy decorating!

yellow window

1. Make the Windows Pop: Colorful/patterned curtains are fun and all, but they can make a small room look closed in, which is the opposite effect you want to pull off. Instead of textiles, turn your window frames into their own works of art with a punchy pop of color. (via Elle Decoration Sweden)

bright rug with bookshelf

2. Color Coordinate: Color-coordinate your shelves with a purposeful palette for your books. If there are more books of one color than another, clumping colors together works wonders to keep the bold stacks of color feeling organized. Finish off the look with a statement rug to turn that once-cluttered mess into an A+ interior moment. (via Mr. Kate)

high art

3. Glam Up the Gallery Wall: Start a gallery wall from the ceiling and work your way down to well-placed furniture. Instead of using the entire wall on the left and right, define the space around a statement sofa or chair to anchor the look in one spot. This makes for a colorful, space-enhancing moment that won’t overwhelm. (via Keltainen Talo Rannalla)

art near the ceiling

4. Go Big and Bold With One Piece: Opt for colorful geometric pieces that take up a good chunk of wall space, and that feature no more than three colors in the palette. The rest of the wall should be fairly neutral or pull colors from the largest piece to help extend the look. This design is just busy enough to add interest, but it doesn’t clash with other patterns on the wall. (via Apartment Therapy)

tall plants

5. Bring in Tall Plants: Anything ceiling height can help maximize your space, and tall plants naturally draw the eyes up. If there’s room to grow, add clusters of colorful patterns to pick up and carry the eye even higher, extending from where the plant ends. The added illusion of height will make the room feel more spacious. (via The Style Files)

kitchen shelving

6. Add Fun + Functional Storage: Add a colorful edge with tall shelving and take advantage of the height above windows. Use smaller nooks and windowsills as storage for a look that’s styled and functional, not cluttered. (via Gunnar Larson / Refinery 29)

yellow storage

7. Stash It in Style: Revamp your storage with a punch of color and add some plants on top to make the room appear taller. Keep surfaces clear except for glass and reflective pieces, to keep the apartment feeling open and uncluttered. (via Patric Johansson / Elle Decoration Sweden)

washi cabinets

8. Add a Touch of Character to Built-Ins: Update the cabinetry (even in a rental) with a bit of washi tape or paint. The pops of color create a sense of movement and make a decor statement, while creating an illusion of white space. (via Juni Tan/ Design*Sponge)

leggy furniture

9. Keep the Furniture “Open”: Leggy furniture makes a room feel more spacious, and oversized art helps to balance out the space. Keep the palette fairly neutral as a base, and use large, minimalist art pieces to bring in bright colors. (via Annette O’Brien / The Design Files)

exposed shelving

10. Install Exposed Shelves: Large cabinets in a small kitchen can make the space look even tinier. Expose the shelving to show off your most colorful ceramics and add a bit of interest (and easy access!) to an otherwise white room. (via Fjeldborg)

colorful ceiling

11. Make the Ceiling Pop: A colorful ceiling can draw the eye upward and emphasize the height of the room. Leave the walls, furniture and textiles mostly white, to help keep the room from feeling boxed in. (via Abby Jiu / The Glitter Guide)

bedroom wide

12. Maximize the Texture: A colorful statement on the wall can add height and texture to a smaller space. Go with something that stretches its way up to the ceiling to make the wall look bigger. (via Brit + Co.)

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