Remember trying to use a compass back in grade school? What was that all about? Lucky for kids these days, not only do they get to use 3D printing technology, but they can use Bluetooth compasses that draw two-dimensional shapes rather than just circles. A tool like this could come in handy for those of us who forgot why we even needed a weird metal tool in elementary math anyway. Allow us to explain…

The Comp*pass uses Bluetooth capability to register what shape it needs to create. The shapes are pulled up on the Comp*pass app and sent over to the device. Check it out in action here.

But what we’re really excited about is its copy function. Draw a shape and use Comp*pass’s memory to reproduce the shape. For example, say you want to draw a specific star shape all over your holiday wrapping paper. Just trace it using the tool, and just like that, it will reproduce the shape as many times as you want. This copy function also works on three-dimensional objects. Just measure the length, width and height of your object, and it’ll draw the outline. From there, you just need to cut it out and fold it into your desired shape for some easy origami. Brit Tip: If you want to save some time on cutting out your 3D object, replace the pencil with an X-acto.

Let us guess… your mind just blew with DIY projects that you want to use this little sucker on. We hear ya.

What would you make with the Comp*pass? We want to know!

(h/t Fast Company)