When space is at a minimum, we’re always looking for ways to maximize the room you DO have. And more often than not, when you’re trying to fill that awkward corner or the sliver of open floor between your sofa and your bookshelf, DIY furniture is the answer. Don’t freak! Making from-scratch furniture sounds way scary, but as you’ll see, with the right tools, basic accent pieces like benches, pendant lights and side tables are well within your reach. So look no further: This DIY copper pipe side table is the boost your tiny space has been waiting for. For this project, constructing a sturdy surface is really is just a matter of gluing + stacking, just like you’d do with your trusty Legos. Your guests will not believe that this stunner was once just a wood slab and one long copper pipe (+ you either!). Get ready for a small space transformation like you’ve never seen!

 – 10 ft piece of ¾ inch copper pipe cut down into: four 18-in pieces; four 3-in pieces; one 6-in piece (sizes can be adjusted to make a shorter, taller or larger table as desired)

– 6 ¾-in T fittings

– 4 ¾-in caps

– piece of wood, cut to a 14-in circular piece

– super glue

– paint

 – band saw or jig saw

– drill + ¾-in drill bit
– paint brush

pipe cutter
– tape measurer


1. Buy a circular wood surface or cut your wood into a 14 in circle using a jig saw or band saw. Set aside.

2. Get a 10 ft piece of 3/4 in copper pipe cut down to: four 18-in pieces; four 3-in pieces; one 6-in piece. Or cut the pipe to size(s) yourself with a pipe cutter

3. Lay out the copper pipe pieces to mock up the table (see photo below).

4. Use super glue to attach each copper piece together: Create the base first, then move onto the legs (see description below).

5. Attach the legs to the base with super glue at a 90 degree angle. Let dry.

6. Mark where you want to attach the copper pipe base to the wooden table top by drawing a circle around each piece of the copper pipe base.

7. Drill four holes using a 3/4 in drill bit.

8. Paint the wood table top and let dry.

9. Place super glue in each hole and attach the copper pipe base. Hold it in place while it dries.

10. Once it’s dry, flip over your table and dress it up.

We gave you all the specs above, so you can always see if your local handyman is willing to saw/cut your wood/pipe for you. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, put the “Y” in DIY and saw/cut it yourself. It’s fairly straightforward: First, hack yourself a compass with a pen and wire and trace a 14 in circle on your slab of wood. Cut it using a jig saw or band saw. Then, cut all of your pipes to size using a pipe cutter and a tape measurer. Really, it’s a delight to get down with your power tools on a weekend afternoon!

Your pipe pieces for the base + pre-shaped T fittings should look just like the above. Mock it up by fitting everything together before gluing:

– Place the 6 in piece of pipe in the center of the base.

– Place two T pieces on either end, and one 3 in pipe piece on each of the T ends (four total).

– Place four T piece on their side at each end of the 3 in pipe pieces. The tops will eventually attach to the wooden base.

Once that’s mocked up, assemble. Using a small amount of super glue, line the end of each pipe piece and insert into its corresponding T pieces. Create the base first, then move onto each leg. To create the legs:

– Place four 18 in pipe pieces into the corresponding T pieces that are on their sides. Build one leg at a time, ensuring they’re fixed at a 90 degree angle. You can use a book to make sure it’s straight. Hold until it’s dry.

– Place a cap on each end.

You’re halfway there! Once your copper pipe legs are assembled, use it to mark where it will attach to the wooden table top. Drill holes and then paint it up! We went with an always flattering shade of white, though you could go the distance with the design (gold leafing, color blocked, stenciled, oh my!). Once that’s dry, add super glue to each hole and press in your copper pipe legs until the glue has taken hold. Then, flip your table and marvel at your small space wonder!

Amazing! It’s the perfect size to stick in an awkward space. Or, make two and use them as unique bedside tables. There’s no stopping you now :)

Fill it with potted succulents, coffee table books or keep it clear (minus a coaster or two) so that it can be a fully functional sanctuary in your now not-as-small space.

What other from-scratch pieces have you outfitted your small space with? Tell us about your favorite space savers + DIY home projects in the comments below.