File this under “super-cool buildings.” Architect Thomas Corbasson and engineering firm VS-A Group are literally taking upcycling to new heights with their plans for an organic skyscraper. Most skyscrapers are made from steel, but Corbasson’s proposal for a skyscraper in London will reuse waste produced by its occupants.

That’s right, this skyscraper will grow taller and taller as residents toss out their glass, paper and plastic bottles. The eco-friendly building will feature a recycling plant that will collect and process resident’s waste to recycle into paper and plastic panels for the skyscraper.

A tube framing will serve as the building’s scaffolding allowing for recycle material to be added to the building over time.

It’s predicted that residents could produce enough recycled material to grow the building within a year. How crazy is that?

If you’re planning to move to London, or are already living there, then take note because one day you may get to help build a skyscraper if the proposal for this building gets the official green light from the city. Chances are looking good, since the project already earned a special mention in a recent Skyscrapers and SuperSkyscrapers Competition in London. Start saving your scraps now!

What do you think of the idea of an organic skyscraper made with recycled materials? Would you live in one? Tell us in the comments below!

(Photos + h/t Architect Daily, Plataforma Architectura and 51 Arch)