When you’re living in a small space every square inch counts. Unless you’re willing to live like a nomad, getting crafty with storage solutions is a must. One area of spaces small and big that is all too often neglected: corners! Before you write off that 45-degree angled section as dead space, check out these 10 cozy corner storage solutions we think even Baby would want to hang around in.


1. Reclaimed Door Corner Shelf: Grab a cool old door over at the flea market, cut it in half, add a few triangle shelves in between and viola! (via Refurbished Ideas)


2. Floating Shelves: These DIY shelves are an easy weekend project. If you’re not so into the white, try creating an ombré effect. (via A Beautiful Mess)


3. Corner Drawer: If you’re working on a kitchen remodel, ditch the useless fake shelf for this genius drawer. (via Homes and Hues)


4. Alternative Shelves: Step up simple, straight shelves by stacking them in an alternating pattern. Try adding some oomph to this by painting the shelves different colors or using different stains. (via A Home West)


5. Piped Shelving: Get industrial on this thing and use pipes to create an unusual, yet totally stunning bookshelf. (via Refurbished Solutions)


6. Newsstand Style Rack: Whether you fill it with kid’s books or grown-up novels, this magazine-style rack is not only a great way to save space — it also looks awesome. (via Handmade Charlotte)


7. Lack Shelf ($50): Snag this simple shelf for cheap over at IKEA. Leave it white for a clean look or totally revamp it with contact paper and/or paint – it’s pretty much a blank canvas.


8. Art Station: Keep a table clutter free by placing it in a corner and hanging storage on the wall above. This example is a kid’s art station, but you could also use this as a smaller dining table and replace the supplies with silverware. (via Apartment Therapy)

Corner Closet Rack

9. Corner Rack: If the pipe bookshelf looks a little too complicated, you can still take advantage of your corner space with one simple pipe turned into a mini rack. Use it to showcase new clothes or garments you want to wear more often. (via Radical Possibility)


10. Corner Work Station: A desk doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. Revamp a corner armoire into a small work area, complete with cubicle-like doors to maximize efficiency.  (via The Curtiscasa)

Have you DIY-ed corner storage in a creative way? Tell us about your small space hacks + home improvement projects in the comments below.