We all know how incredibly amazing you are at scrapbooking, (pretend) sewing, writing, jewelry making and DIYing. So why not have a space equally as amazing to do your creating? We’ve rounded up craft studios with bright colors, lots and lots of natural light and the kind of clean organization that will make your mother proud. And they don’t even double as laundry rooms! So pull all your supplies from the closet, pin up some fab decor and get busy. These 15 modern and artistically dedicated havens are sure to become your new happy place.

1. Crafting Island Room: Clean, bright and energetic, this room just screams, “Let’s get busy making things.” And can you imagine all the great tools that must be stored in those drawers and pull-out baskets? Turn a room into this space and then grab a friend or two for some serious fun. (via Yellow Mae)

2. Lovely Studio: Are you dying over this immaculate crafting space? We are, too (as we discreetly wipe Cheeto dust off our hands). Impossibly chic, bright and entirely modern, this pristine work room will leave you overflowing with ideas — both about new projects and your yet-to-be-converted second bedroom. (via Art as Life)

3. The 36th Avenue Craft Room: Love modern and chic? Look no further than this effortlessly polka-dotted and striped room. All that natural light and subtle hints of red are making us feel a little faint… in a good way. (via The 36th Avenue)

4. Super Organized Room: Blogger Nichol Magouirk has one of the prettiest home crafting studios we’ve seen, chock full of vibrant colors, tons of supplies and organizational inspo. (via Nicole Magouirk)

5. Girly Craft Room: We’re loving the whimsical feel of this crafting room. It’s girly, organized and inspired. Plus, it’s the perfect place to teach any tiny crafters-in-the-making how to properly operate a sewing machine and measure fabrics. (via Azomic)

6. Industrial Style Home Office: Modern, spacious and to the point, this room could double as anyone’s work area if you simply must share your creative haven. (via Homes Trendy)

7. Inspirational Work Space: Now this is the kind of studio where every little thing has a proper place. Nothing excites us more than good, clean organization. (via Home Designing)

8. Carrie Strine’s NYC Home: If you’re the kind of artist who needs everything to be perfect before you can begin, then this is the room for you. Make sure you invest in a large computer screen, which is great for viewing your expert photos and all the inspiration you could want behind your immaculate desk. (via Paper n Stitch)

9. Contemporary Office: Spreading out is a definite necessity for the creative process. Plus, we heard once that color-coded books help ease you out of writer’s block. Sweeeeet! (via The Inspiration Blog)

10. Sewing Studio: Part workshop, part adult classroom, this adorable and festive sewing room has everything you need displayed for your aesthetic pleasure. We’d go to town on that wrapping paper dispenser. (via Maple and Magnolia)

11. Oakland Painter’s Loft: Sometimes less is more. Minimalist prints and a clutter free work area really get the job done. Plus, those are vintage LUNCH BOXES on the shelves — how awesome are they?! (via Modernica)

12. IKEA Home Office: This work area was made entirely with IKEA furniture, so you know you can recreate it and still have some pennies leftover for art supplies. Adorable little girl not included. (via Guata Crazy Night)

13. Den Office: We can’t even. The yellow! The shelves! The infinite counter space! It’s all perfect. Dedicating an entire room to a crafting studio is decidedly the dream. (via Four Men, One Lady)

14. Ree Drummond’s Sewing Space: The host of Food Network’s The Pioneer Woman has many talents. One of which is organizing her little sewing space. This one’s great inspiration for those who don’t have room for an entire home work studio. We love the idea of hanging colorful yarn skeins on the wall like that! (via Country Living)

15. Darcy Miller’s Craft Room: We wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection from the editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings. Darcy Miller has the ultimate craft room (and you can copy her style here). It basically looks like an art store, and for that, we heart it even more. (via Martha Stewart)

Do you have a crafting space you are coveting? Or are you the most proud of one you created yourself? Post a link in the comments or tweet us a pic!