Now that you’ve picked out your summer party theme and gotten all the supplies for those wine slushies, you need to make sure your get-together is one your friends won’t forget. To help you throw an #epic and memorable summer party, we’ve rounded up our top picks of crazy summer party essentials. From wacky fast food-inspired beach gear to cheeky little drink markers, this list has got it all, and then some. Keep scrolling to find the unique summer essentials your party needs below.

hot dog joust game

1. Urban Outfitters Hot Dog Joust Pool Game ($35): Made of heavy-duty vinyl, these inflatable hot dog jousting props won’t let you down when the competition gets intense. No matter how many whacks you receive or give, you can rest assured your hot dog rafts and boppers’ durability won’t disappoint.

waterballoon fillers

2. Urban Outfitters Instant Water Balloon Filler Pack ($16, Pack of 3): These self-sealing water balloon fillers are just the party essentials you need on a hot summer day. If anyone protests when they get hit by one of these bad boys, you can just say that you were trying to help them stay cool.

itza floaty pong

3. Target Itza Floaty Pong ($19): Upgrade the classic beer game into a summertime favorite with this floaty pong set. The conveniently interlocking pieces make them ideal for both backyard and pool activities.

gigantic beach ball

4. BigMouth Inc Gigantic 12-Feet Beach Ball ($140): Once you introduce this gigantic beach ball to your party, there’s no telling what kind of shenanigans you and your friends will get into. Play a game of monkey in the middle or soccer, or simply pass it back and forth (or at least try to) with your friends.

mahina mermaid tail

5. Mahina Mermaid MerFun Mermaid Flipper ($100): This eco-friendly pair of mermaid fin flippers are made from recycled rubber and will make you feel like you’re one with the fishes next time you go for a dive. Flexible and functional, they’ll propel you through the waves for an all-out fun day in the water.


6. Oddity Mall Giant Iceberg Inflatable Climbing Wall ($6,768): Nothing’s impossible! That includes climbing a giant (inflatable) iceberg in the middle of summer. Not gonna lie, this one’s on the pricier side, so you might want to split the cost with some friends.

flamingo drink stirrers

7. Topshop Flamingo Ice Stirrers ($12): You can spruce up your drinks *and* your party decor with these flamingo ice stirrers. Super easy to clean and reuse, they’ll soon be a staple at all your summer cocktail parties.

inflatable hot tub

8. Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub ($420): If you thought hot tubs couldn’t get any better, check out this inflatable one. Decked out with crazy options like massage settings, a rapid heating system and integrated water filtration, this instant hot tub is a must-have for all your summer parties.

Icycl - Vodka Ice Pops

9. Icycl Vodka Ice Pops ($19): This party popsicle is like a fruit sorbet and boozy slushie all mixed into one. It’s infused with vodka and will give just the right amount of kick to get everyone in the party mood.


10. Urban Outfitters Flamingo Drink Holder Pool Set ($12): High on the list of summer party priorities is figuring out where to put your drink when you’re in the pool. Rather than getting in and out of the water, opt for these practical, adorable and ingenious mini floats designed to hold your cup.


11. Pizza Towel ($12): Why settle for a plain towel when you can look this fab (and cheesy) in a pizza-printed beauty? The 100% cotton towel promises to keep you dry and warm while looking just as hot as a pizza does. YUM!


12. JammyPack Whatever USA Fanny Pack ($49): Whether you take it to the beach or on your hike, this conveniently portable speaker has storage and a whole lotta style. It’ll play all your favorite tunes wherever you go.


13. Rainbow Unicorn Float ($99): Get in touch with the magic of summer with a whimsical rainbow unicorn float. Once you’re lounging away on it, you’ll realize that *dreams really do come true.*


14. Sunnylife Ice Cream Popsicle Moulds ($15, Set of 4): Use this soft serve mold to turn virtually anything into a yummy frozen treat. Pro tip: Chop up fruits to add to your juice mixture for a tasty and textured snack.

Sombrero Shot Glasses

15. Topshop Sombrero Shot Glasses ($18): These fun sombrero shot glasses are perfect for Taco Tuesdays or any kind of summer fiesta. Now all you need is a splash of tequila to really kick things off…

VW Camper Van Tent

16. Firebox VW Camper Van Tent ($432): Pitch this quirky VW-inspired tent at your summer party for instant shade and protection from bugs. Featuring zip-separated rooms that can fit a total of four adults, this surprisingly spacious tent won’t let you down at your party or on your next camping trip.

Shake n make ice cream maker

17. Firebox Shake ‘n’ Make Ice Cream Maker ($23): In just three minutes, you can whip up your own homemade ice cream by simply shaking your ice cream maker. Pour in salt, ice and your unique ice cream mixture, and then shake, shake, shake!

smartphone projector

18. Uncommon Goods DIY Smartphone Projector ($32): Display your videos, photos or texts on the wall or a hanging sheet outside with this smartphone projector. You don’t even need to connect this baby to a power source. Simply slide the back compartment and let the glass lens focus the image. Once you’ve got the hang of it, pop a couple bags of popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show with your friends.

19. Topshop Drinking Buddies Drink Markers ($18): Once your friends take a look at these cheeky beach *bums,* they’re sure to love ’em. Not to mention, the markers will help them keep tabs on which drink is theirs.

mini led stack

20. Tangeez LED Mini Stack ($35): Both creative and practical, these individually illuminated stacking blocks will keep your party lit all night long. What’s even cooler is that they change color when you stack them. Say what?

luchador bottle openers

21. Kikkerland Luchador Bottle Openers ($8): Sometimes it really does feel like you’re wrestling to open a bottle. Now you won’t have to worry with these hilarious luchador-inspired bottle openers. They also make great party favors!

sunglasses chip clip

22. Sunglasses Chip Clip ($9, Set of 4): These stylish sunglasses chip clips are essential for your backyard party. Not only will they look cool, they will help fight off that stale chip situation.

giant wooden dice

23. Grand Innovations DBA Snake Eyes Yard Dice ($50): Test your luck by tossing these large wooden dice outside to see if your prediction turns out to be right. Otherwise, play any one of the four dice games whose rules are included with the purchase of the giant die.

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