Avocados are, like, so hot right now. They’ve been sweeping breakfasts across the country with avocado toast while holding up their reputation in the form of crowd-pleasing guac. But it’s time to really put these bad boys to work. Check out Spoon University‘s different ways to eat the most-instagrammed food of our time.

Also, it’s important to note that you should purchase avocados from the United States. Let’s not support those drug cartels, you know?

Photo by Emily Hu

1. Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles: You’ll never believe that this little piece of dark chocolate heaven is actually healthy for you. Never go back to adding all that fatty heavy cream again and swap it out for some ‘cado. Trust us, it totally works. (Photo via Emily Hu)

Photo by Mulin Xiong

2. Creamy Vegan Avocado Pesto Sauce: Sometimes Alfredo sauce can be too thick to handle —but we do crave dat creaminess. Match the rich texture of Alfredo while curbing those cals with this avocado pesto sauce. (Photo via Mulin Xiong)

Photo by Samantha Gronberg

3. Vegan Avocado Mango Smoothie: If you missed your alarm for that 8am call time for work, this smoothie’s got you covered. With only two ingredients, this drink gives you a balance of sweet and creamy to jumpstart your day, and it only takes a few minutes to whip up. (Photo via Samantha Gronberg)

Photo by Bernard Wen

4. Mason Jar Salads: Okay, yeah, the mason jar trend is so hipster, but these jars pack a whole bunch of food and look hella trendy while doing it. Have your lunch in style in the office with the southwestern salad or chicken, avocado and tomato salad. (Photo via Bernard Wen)

Photo by Hannah Lin

5. Avocado Ice Cream: With all of the upcoming food trends, we’re well aware that savory ice cream is on point these days. Shake up that old vanilla ice cream with some avo flavor. (Photo via Hannah Lin)


6. The Eggocado: Forget the avocado toast for a sec and try this nutrient-packed breakfast newbie. Take out the seed, put in the egg and cook. (Photo via Libby Perold)


7. BALT: Bacon, egg and tomato is so 2014. Switch it up with this game-changer that balances Sriracha-mayo hot sauce with refreshing ‘cado. This is not your usual sandwich. (Photo via Tiare Brown)


8. Chocolate Mousse: Make a delicious and healthy chocolate mousse without the guilt of all that extra cream. Spoon into it anytime you want for a decadent and good-for-you treat. (Photo via Danielle Cahoon)


9. Grapefruit Salsa Fish Tacos: The most summery lunch you can imagine — fish, avocado, fresh fruit. Lounge by the pool or have a nice lunch outdoors with these great tacos. (Photo via Paulina Lam)


10. Avocado Egg Salad: This avocado take on egg salad is a lunch you won’t be able to resist. This batch will last you for a couple of days — lucky you. (Photo via Arisa Toyosaki)


11. Guacamole Hummus: It’s about time someone thought to combine two amazing party dips into a beautiful new hybrid. Get on board with the hottest thing since the Cronut. (Photo via Benj Shapiro)


12. Avocado Blueberry Spinach Smoothie: If you’re looking to add more to the usual green smoothie, amp it up with blueberries, honey and yogurt. For sure a winning combination, and it’s way healthy too. (Photo via Jessica Farber)


13. Avocado Pepper Salsa: So maybe the recipe is eerily similar to another dip you enjoy (cough, gauc, cough), but we promise that the secret ingredients warrant the new name. Surprise guests at a dinner party, tailgate or BBQ with this spicy salsa. (Photo via Sydney Segal)

Have any other avocado recipes? Let us know in the comments!