You spend 10 minutes concocting the perfect artisanal cocktail (or summer mocktail), only to have your masterpiece thwarted when you pour it over clear and flavorless ice cubes. Don’t let boring ice ruin your drink! Spice it up by using summer ice cube recipes that will give your beverage extra flavor and beauty. From layered latte cubes for your espresso martini to floral ice cubes to chill your lemonade and even an OMG-worthy glitter DIY, these 12 creative ice cubes will spruce up even the dullest drink. Chill out and scroll down if you want to change your bartending game for life.


1. Smoothie Fruit Cubes: You probably never knew you needed smoothie ice cubes in your life until now. Luckily the possibilities are absolutely endless. You can pour chilled Champagne over the top for a fun take on mimosas or even save them for quick and easy baby food in a pinch. (via Oh, the Things We’ll Make)


2. Blueberry Ice Cubes: Sipping on sparkling water is much more appealing when there’s a magenta ice cube floating in it. Increase your drink’s refreshing factor with these blueberry cubes that add a hit of flavor along with their beautiful hue. (via Marla Meridith)


3. Coffee and Milk Ice Cubes: Your daily cold brew will never be the same. Why water down your joe with regular ice when you can use coffee and milk cubes to chill your drink? Say sayonara to your barista, because you’ll be brewing like the pros from now on. (via The Sassy Life)


4. Floral Ice Cubes: To make these feminine floral cubes, opt for chemical-free edible flowers like rose, lavender and elderflower. These would make a gorgeous cocktail addition for a spring or summer bridal shower. (via Nialogique)

fruit cubes

5. Flavored Ice Cubes: We’ve all been there. You get overly excited about those plump seasonal berries and buy as many as you can, only to have them go bad before you can eat them. Before that happens, freeze them in an ice tray with some sugar and water for a colorful addition to any drink. (via Spoon Fork Bacon)

gliter cubes

6. Glitter Ice Cubes: From this point forward, all of your parties need these sparkly ice cubes. Match the edible glitter with your party’s color theme and watch everyone be amazed at your glitzy creation. (via A Subtle Revelry)

hibiscus ice cubes

7. Hibiscus Ice Cubes: Add instant flavor to your iced tea with these brisk and floral hibiscus ice cubes. Make a huge batch and chuck them into a punch bowl to step up an ordinary drink. (via Chestnut Herbs)

melon cubes

8. Melon Ball Ice Cubes: Ice cubes you can snack on when your drink is finished? Yes please! Nothing screams summer quite like melon, and these frozen balls of deliciousness will do double duty to cool you down in the hotter months. (via The Kitchn)

Mint Infused Ice Cubes

9. Mint Infused Ice Cubes: If you’ve never enjoyed mint in your lemonade, now’s the time to give it a try. These mint-infused ice cubes are perfect for adding a bit of zest to any beverage while keeping it nice and chilled. (via 17 Apart)


10. Pomegranate Ice Cubes: Pomegranate arils are the perfect size to freeze in an ice tray. Normally you would try to sip your drink before the ice melts, but in this case you may want to wait around for the pomegranate to saturate it with its flavor. (via By Stephanie Lynn)


11. Rainbow Ice Cubes: You can easily get stunning rainbow ice cubes without the use of artificial ingredients — even the vibrant blue color is made using butterfly pea tea. Whether you’re serving them to adults or kids, you’ll face many questions on how you accomplished such a crafty feat. (via The Flavor Blender)


12. Tequila Strawberry-Lime Ice: This ice may not even make it to your drink. Just pop one in your mouth and let the tequila-lime flavor melt to quench your thirst. If you don’t have an ice tray on hand, you can use a mini muffin tin. (via Half Baked Harvest)

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