When you鈥檙e hitting a creative road block, sometimes a change of scenery can be helpful. From checking out the sleep patterns of great artists to reading the books they love, sometimes snooping through the lives of creative people can trigger a burst of inspiration. Now, imagine actually hanging out in their homes. Here are seven creative rentals sure to get your artistic juices flowing:

1. Outdoor Dream,聽West Hollywood: For $1000 a night, you and ten of your closet friends can stay in the home of the legendary Harry Houdini. Being outside is a great way to start feeling creative, and some of the highlights of this property are a three-story waterfall, canyon views, hiking trails and a pool.

2. Converted Studio,聽Cornwall, England: Get away from it all in this cozy artist studio where the master printer Hugh Stoneman lived and worked. There is only one bedroom, so you have the perfect excuse for a romantic getaway for one. Or two.

3. Architect鈥檚 Dream, Vermont: Words can鈥檛 describe the uniqueness of this stunning concrete home. Nicknamed the 鈥淎rchie Bunker,鈥 David Sellers鈥 house is located in scenic countryside, but with the beautiful woodwork and sculptural accents, the interior of the house might inspire you right from your bedroom.

4. Poet鈥檚 Cottage, Pacific Grove: Remember the classic poems of John Steinbeck? Channel your inner poet by cozying up right in front of his fireplace and starting to write that novel. Or at least read one or two that someone else wrote.

5. Sculptor鈥檚 Retreat, New Mexico: Built by artist, sculptor, architect, gardener, cook and philosopher (talk about creative energy for days) Malcolm Brown, this property is a world of peace and happiness. A few nights here and you鈥檒l definitely be inspired by the natural beauty and maybe even teach yourself to cook, if not philosophize.

6. Singing and Dancing, Palm Springs: This mid-century masterpiece was home to one of America鈥檚 icons: Frank Sinatra. Spend the afternoons chilling by the pool and you might just hear some of those tunes in the atmosphere. Get a bunch of friends together and channel Sinatra鈥檚 energy with a pool party that involves lots of singing and dancing.

7. Tropical Dreams, Jamaica: It was right by this beautiful pool that Oscar Hammerstein wrote 鈥淭he Sound of Music.鈥 For $1200 a night, you鈥檒l get the luxury of a staffed house and a private pavilion for practicing yoga or meditating while you wait for your next creative bout of inspiration.

Which of these creative retreats would you most like to stay at? Tell us what you think in the comments below!