Alright folks, so (hopefully) it’s pretty obvious by now that we’re ALL about creativity here at B+C. Whether we’re dishing out tips on how to hack a 30-minute dinner or showing you how to DIY the latest food craze (hi, rainbow bread), we’re always striving to help you live a more creative life. However, creativity isn’t just something that comes into play when you’re crafting. In fact, it’s useful in pretty much every facet of your life. UK publication The Independent recently shared a riddle that it claims only 3% of people can solve (WITHOUT Googling the answer). Scroll down to check it out + see how strong your creativity muscles currently are.


Here’s the riddle: Imagine you are a doctor and one of your patients is about to die from a tumour. You can’t perform surgery, but you do have a ray gun which can focus a high-intensity ray to destroy the tumour. However, there’s a slight problem. At this high intensity, the ray will also damage the healthy tissue it passes through.If you try to lower the intensity, while the healthy tissue is safe it no longer has the energy to destroy the actual tumour.

So the question is: How do you destroy the tumor without damaging the tissue? Have a think and scroll down to see the answer below.

According to The Independent the answer is as follows: “Mount 10 ray guns around the patient, and set each ray’s intensity at ten per cent. Then, when you focus the ray guns, the low intensity won’t damage the healthy tissue, but when combined, the radiation is high enough to destroy the tumour.”

Ah, duh! If you didn’t get it right don’t go beating yourself up. Just take this as a reminder that creative thinking is something that can be learned and practiced. If you’re trying to amp up your skills in this department there are a million ways to get started – but taking a fun online class or doing a deep dive into all our creativity-focused content is a great way to start.

How do you stay creative on a daily basis? Share all your adventures with us by using the hashtag #iamcreative.

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