It’s no secret that we’ve gone ClassPass crazy, using the membership to sport our best activewear everywhere from boxing to barre class. The ability to constantly mix it up by visiting different locations for new experiences has been life-changing (a way to keep workouts exciting? Who knew). Which is why we’re super excited about our latest find: Croissant. This amazing new company is freelancer’s dream come true, giving you access to heaps of DDG coworking spaces with an affordable, monthly membership.

croissant coworking

Ready to hunker down and GSD? All you need to do is sign up for instant access to spaces in the network, which range from super cool-looking lofts that are open late at night and during the weekend to dreamy places like Primary, which is basically a spa for entrepreneurs, offering coworking space mixed with a fitness and wellness studio. Just as cool as having such great options for where to work, Croissant’s app and website make it easy to see which spaces are closest to you and how many seats are free in each — which means you can finally say goodbye to showing up at a coffee shop while crossing your fingers there will be an open seat.

croissant coworking

Inspiration for Croissant came from an actual need. Cofounder Nisha Garigarn tells us that she and her biz partners had a tough time finding a coffee shop that could accommodate all four of them when they needed to work together. “Once we all arrived, it was impossible to find a table for four people, let alone one with reliable WiFi, plugs and comfy seats. We had a hard time believing that there was no place for the four of us to sit and do work besides coffee shops in NYC. We looked into coworking spaces, but the price tag didn’t make sense for us when all we needed was a place to work 1-2 times a week.” We TOTALLY understand.


Like ClassPass, we’re obsessed with the versatility that an affordable Croissant membership offers, making it easy to hop around to different spaces, find a permanent desk or even to collab with your team in one place. There are $39, $99 and $299 membership options, depending on how often you want to cowork and how many guests you’ll need to bring along occasionally. Since Nisha and her coworkers at Croissant are focused on finding ultra-inspirational spaces, you can also look forward to some non-traditional options, which Nisha tells us might include “bars and restaurants, photography studios and rock-climbing gyms.” Umm, can you say dream workspace?

Though Croissant is only available for spaces in NYC, Washington DC and Boston right now, Nisha told us that plans to bring the “magic pass for the best spots to be productive” to other cities are already in the works. Needless to say, we CAN’T wait.

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(Photos via Croissant)