Let’s face it. 3D printing is SO hot right now. From the first 3D printing photo booth to MakerBot Replicators showing up at just about every tech event, innovators, DIYers, and Weird Science fanatics are getting seriously pumped about the world of 3D.

And now, photos and iPhone cases are getting involved.

One of our favorite companies, Cubify, has just (today!) released the FreshFiber Sculpture Case, described as a way to turn your phone into a tribute to the things you love. Upload any photo, zoom, rotate, and enhance, and get it printed as an iPhone case!

Each case’ll set you back about $40, which is pretty incredible considering it is truly one-of-a-kind. Definitely a solid Christmas gift option! (Cases ship within 2 weeks.)

Here’s how designing your own case works.

First you choose your phone type (more smartphone options coming soon!).

Select red, purple or black. And now it’s time to upload your photo!

We chose one of Brit and her adorable puppy Pixel overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Zoom and rotate as you see fit to make your photo work on the case.

Lastly, choose your style of printing.

Emboss (left) is definitely the most detailed and is great for photographers of nature, landscapes, etc. Lines (center) turns your photo into a line drawing so is a good option for people. Shades (right) transforms your photo into graffiti-esque art, calling on lights and darks.

And if you’re not in the market for a new iPhone case, Cubify also lets you turn your favorite photos into 3D printed art. Not to mention the ability to send your designs to Cubify’s army of 3D printers so you can create all sorts of good stuff!

Stay tuned for more goodness with Cubify in the coming weeks… maybe even a custom Brit + Co. object or two?! :)

Have you tried any forms of 3D printing yet? If so, how did it go? If not, what types of objects would you love to print in 3D? Talk to us in the comments below.