Summer may be behind us, but the memories of the icky, slick feeling under your bra may still be haunting you. Busty girls, you know what I’m talking about. Boob sweat. It’s a real problem. Plus, the average woman wears their bra 14 hours a day. That’s a verrrrry long time for your girls to be feeling damn uncomfortable. Due to daily wear, inconstant washing (women on average only wash their bras once a month!!) due to the delicate nature of bras, nasty boob sweat and more, your bras take a serious beating. Enter CupCare, a new disposable bra liner that is the solution to your biggest bra woes.

CupCare from Front. MediumRes

CupCare is an extremely thin (two millimeters thick only) padding that is attachable along the inside bottom edge of your bra where the underwires sit. The padding is made of three soft and disposable layers of non-woven fabric that are super absorbent for, you guessed it, boob sweat. Also, it’s totally hypoallergenic, so ladies with sensitive skin, don’t fret. Currently, the company has raised almost half of their $30,000 goal on their Indigogo campaign, and are eager to get their patent-pending invention out into bras around the world.

According to CupCare’s founder, Avigail Perl, these liners are estimated to make a bras’ “lifespan last about 30 percent longer.” She also says CupCare was invented to combat all the “discomfort and pain from the bra pressing against the body for many hours, or moisture collecting under the breast.” Seriously, this magical invention sounds like the answer to every girls’ prayers.

Check out their campaign video below.

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(Photos via CupCare)