B+C Studios in partnership with Function of Beauty

Around the Brit + Co office the subject of hair comes up A LOT: bad/good hair days, new hair cuts and colors, cheeky accessories and of course our fave hair care products. We teamed up with Function of Beauty to challenge three staffers with super different hair types to give their custom shampoo and conditioner a try.

Function of Beauty’s shampoos and conditioners are all custom made (take the quiz!) + vegan, cruelty-, paraben- and sulfate-free. Sounds awesome, right? But did it meet our hair goals or did it fall flat? Check out the full report below!

Micaela Friedman, Account Manager

We were so coveting Micaela’s curls when she showed up after two weeks au naturel, something she NEVER does. Here’s her hair story.

Micaela’s hair goals: “I naturally have super curly hair, but it's fine, which makes the potential for frizz immense! I usually try to "tame" my curls by letting my hair air-dry after a shower and then wrapping it up into a bun for a few hours to keep it under control. I tend to get self-conscious of their unruliness and never let my natural hair be itself. With my Function of Beauty trial, I wanted to see if I'd feel confident enough to just 'let it go!'

Her take: “The smell of this stuff is amazing! I chose the peach fragrance. After the first week (I wash about 3 times a week) I was still sticking to my normal post-shower routine: Leave-in conditioner, brush, let half-dry, then BUN.”

“By week two, I decided to try letting my hair dry all the way, and was so surprised to find that the curl definition is REAL. With damage from straightening, my hair is usually really curly until the last 2-3 inches, which look sort of tired and limp. FOB perked those right up! I felt like the curls were finally cohesive and the frizz significantly less.”

After FOB: “I wore my curls out for a lunch date with my best friend and when she greeted me her first words were "Finally! I've been telling you to wear your hair natural forever!" I still think it will take me a bit to get used to the new styling, but what I can say about Function of Beauty is that my curls feel amazing — bouncy, soft, and consistent, and my hair healthier.”

Morgan Sizemore, Executive Assistant

Morgan gave the brass-busting purple for blondes a go (you can choose from a range of colors for ultimate shower eye candy) and she also went for the most-popular peach scent.

Her hair goals: “Because I lighten my hair every 4-6 months, it tends to get very dry and brittle. I always use a leave-in conditioner to brush out my hair post-shower to give it more moisture so I was hoping for something more hydrating.”

Her first impression: “I LOVED how the bottles came personalized with my name. I felt like the products were really made for my personal hair care needs!”

Her take: “After the first week of using FOB, I could already tell a huge difference, not only in my hair health, but how shiny it was. Using Function of Beauty I NEVER had to use a leave-in conditioning product and my hair was softer than ever.”

After FOB: “I would always have to blow dry/straighten/curl my hair before leaving for an event because my hair was so frizzy after using other hair products. After using Function of Beauty, I confidently left my house without using ANY heat on my hair. Not only did I feel great that this was my natural air-dried hair, it saved me so much time getting ready. My boyfriend started using it because he liked the smell so much!”

Natasha Thomas, Marketing Manager

You can choose up to five goals to mix the perfect recipe for your hair. Natasha chose Deep Condition, Hydrate, Curl Definition, Lengthen and Volumize in the (f)lower to the people scent.

Her first impression: “I was completely skeptical of Function of Beauty. As an African-American woman who wears her hair in its natural state, I didn't believe that Function of Beauty could give me the moisture that my hair demands. Boy, was I wrong!”

Her take: “I tested their products after wearing my hair in twists for a few weeks. As soon as I felt the shampoo in my hair, I was impressed. Not only did it smell AMAZING, but my hair has never felt so clean and moisturized without feeling like there are heavy products in my hair.”

“It was so easy to detangle my hair using the conditioner, and my curls have never been so defined. The best part is I didn't have to restyle my hair in between washes. My curls stayed intact.”

After FOB: “I couldn't stop raving about it to my friends. Function of Beauty is my new go-to shampoo and conditioner.”

We’re convinced! Needless to say, everyone in the office is signing up to get their own custom shampoo and conditioner from Function of Beauty. Intrigued? Start with the quiz, which asks you to pick five hair goals (like hydration, color-protection, volume...) and your preferred scent and color, then get going on your own custom shampoo and conditioner!

Author: Theresa Gonzalez

Photographer: Kurt Andre

Styling + Art Direction: Anjelika Temple

Models: Micaela Friedman, Morgan Sizemore, Natasha Thomas

B+C Studios in partnership with Function of Beauty