There are a trillion makeup hacks out there to make your beauty routine a breeze — from using eyeliner as lipliner to rolling the hairspray can on your ‘do to tame flyaways. The latest is a new eyeshadow trick that’s taken the Internet by storm.

A cut crease is basically when you apply a darker shadow in your socket line, which is the deepest hollow on your eyelid. The look is pretty much the guaranteed to take your glam from newb to profesh — it adds dimension, smokiness and general va-va-voom to your eye makeup. The only problem is since it requires so much precision and blending, it can be a hard technique to nail. That is, until now.

New York-based MUA and founder of Brittney Foley posted a simple hack for achieving the look with just a a simple kitchen utensil we guarantee you already own: a spoon. Seriously, how brilliant is this? Brittney uploaded the genius hack on Instagram last week, and needless to say, the Internet has gone wild.


All you do it place a spoon over your eye, letting the edge of it rest in your socket line as you apply your darker shadow using windshield-wiper motions along the side. Then, when you remove the spoon, you have the perfect cut crease.

BRB, headed to the kitchen for other makeup tools.

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(Photo and video via @beautifoles + Getty)