We鈥檙e all in full on holiday party planning mode by now 鈥 if you haven鈥檛 been to a seasonal soir茅e yet, you鈥檙e probably going to (at least) one this weekend. Whether you鈥檙e debating between wearing your hair up or down, what makeup look you鈥檙e going to go for, or just can鈥檛 decide which shoes to wear, dressing for events this time of year isn鈥檛 always easy. The holidays should be as stress-free as possible so you can fully enjoy them, which means most of us welcome hair + beauty hacks (Kylie Jenner mascara trick, anyone?) with open arms, because they make our lives a little easier and our looks a lot prettier 鈥 and they save us time.


When you鈥檙e putting the finishing touches on your holiday hair 鈥榙o 鈥 most likely using a touch of hairspray to set your look 鈥 you can use the *can itself* as a tool to smooth your hair, according to this interview with Sarah Potempa, celeb hairstylist + inventor of the popular rotating curling iron the Beachwaver, in Allure. It鈥檚 super simple: Just spritz your hair as your normally would, regardless of whether you鈥檙e setting an updo or style that鈥檚 worn down, and then lightly roll the hairspray can over your hair to smooth down flyaways and round out your 鈥榙o. This method is a much softer approach to eliminating flyaways than using a comb or a brush or adding more product to smooth those annoying little hairs down. Boom!

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