20 Congratulatory New Job Gifts to Give Your BFFs
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20 Congratulatory New Job Gifts to Give Your BFFs

Don’t you just love when something amazing happens to one of your own? We all LOVE our friends and we have every reason to celebrate when they land their *dream* job. As supporters, we have been with them through the fun times and the not-so-fun times. And since this is definitely one of those better times, why not celebrate? Let your bestie know that you are their biggest cheerleader with a congratulatory new job gift (and a few drinks!). With everything from desk flair to essential techy goods, these these 20 gift ideas are perfect for sending your friend off on a new adventure.

1. Giant Gem Speaker ($40): Music makes the world go ’round, and this portable pink speaker is perfect for someone who LOVES listening to tunes 24/7. It’s also great for an impromptu dance party or in-office happy hour.

2. Congratulatory Card ($5): Everyone who gets a new job deserves to be called fancy pants. A card like this is bound to bring a smile on that special someone’s face.

3. Business Card Holder ($30): This letter-engraved card holder means business. And with a case this rad, your friend will want to give out their new business card to every person they see.

4. Personalized Notepad ($14): It’s awesome to have your name printed on anything and everything, isn’t it? Gifting your friend one of these notepads will let them know you were thinking ahead (insert best friend points here). Maybe you can get yourself one too while you’re at it… you know, for being such a good friend ;)

5. Mobile Charger ($30): When function and sparkle come together, we are all for it. This mobile charger makes it easy to stay in touch on the go so there are no dead phone excuses for the new boss.

6. Notebook Set ($14): These notebooks with golden accents look oh-so classy and will help your friend stay on top of their crucial new-job to-do lists.

7. Large Canvas Tote ($32): We already know that getting a job requires hustle, but it never hurts to have a reminder. This canvas tote bag is sturdy, encouraging, cute and it fits everything. #Winning

8. Pen Set ($14): We know that a new job means taking a lot of notes. But with these pretty pens, note-taking will become super fun.

9. Dinosaur Planter ($23): Things that are out of the ordinary are just SO cool. This little guy would stand out on any desk and might turn into a conversation starter at your friend’s new job.

10. Carry All Clutch ($32): A new gig means carrying lots of awesome new things. This personalized carry-all clutch is roomy and perfect for anyone who wants to stay organized.

11. Happy Tea 3 oz ($10): We all love a little something that can get us through a tough day. Working alongside this happy tea can make a day much better (and tastier).

12. Personalized Stationery ($23): If your pal is constantly sending cards and thank-yous, we think a personalized stationery set would be the perfect gift. Plus it will become one less thing to check off on their to-buy list.

13. DIY Terrarium: A terrarium is easily customizable for someone who loves plants. And this LEGO-filled air plant terrarium is the just the thing to deck out someone’s new desk. (via Brit + Co)

14. Word Talk Pencils ($8): You can’t go wrong with these gilded pencils. They’re great for that friend who loves to doodle or pencil everything in on their calendar.

15. Cubicle Poster ($12): Jobs that require cubicles often call for a glamming session. This sweet print can make any regular cubicle feel instantly homey.

16. Grande Cord Tacos ($25): Cord. Tacos. Yup, we all love and need them in our lives. Pick these up to keep your friend from pulling an amateur cord-tangle situation at the new office.

17. Classic Station ($30):  Who doesn’t love storing all their must-have gadgets in one spot? This classic station makes it easy to not misplace everything that always gets lost in the desk abyss.

18. Fabric Bucket ($23): Keeping items fashionably stored is no longer a problem. These fabric buckets come in different prints and are multi-functional. Feel free to store (or plant) away.

19. Rotating Stamp ($12): We found a new way to communicate in the office, and these stamps are it. If you need to tell the world you are in need coffee, are having a paradigm shift or are out of the office, then this stamp has you covered.

20. Ear Buddies ($16): Most of us like listening to some tunes at some point during our day, and doing so with cute earphones is even better.

Do you have any new job gift ideas? Please tell us in the comments below.