Is it just us or does having a pretty to-do list make even the most unavoidable tasks seem a little better? Phones are great for keeping lists, but there is something inherently satisfying about writing things down and then scribbling them out when you finish them. Whether you have an obsession with well-designed office accessories or just need a new grocery list, check out these 20 fabulously inspiring lists.

1. Hot Pink ($10): Bright colors make everything more fun, even to-do lists.

2. Do Awesome Things ($16): Every day is a chance to start something awesome.

3. Get Graphic ($9): Bold and eye-catching, there’s no forgetting about this list.

4. Just Do It ($10): See that stuff, that stuff you just wrote down? Do it. Now.

5. Hop To It ($12): Ahh snap! Those tasks don’t stand a chance when you’re in beast mode.

6. Grocery List ($10): Tuck this pretty grocery list into your reusable tote bag for maximum cool factor.

7. Floral Notepad ($10): Tame that gnarly to-do list with some hand-painted flowers.

8. Let’s Be Honest ($12): Don’t let that “to-do” list turn into the “to-neglect” list.

9. Focus Up ($12): Research has shown that listing your tasks by priority increases productivity. So prioritize away.

10. Personalized List ($16): Part list, part daily planner, this notepad will help you plan out everything you need to do.

11. List Makers Gonna List ($12): We’re loving the fabulous lettering on this notepad (and the Taylor Swift reference, of course).

12. Today is Your Day ($11): Schedule out your tasks throughout the day with the high-priority ones placed whenever you’re at your most productive.

13. Do or Die ($8): Well, this might put the list in a more dire light.

14. Find Minions ($8): Guess until we find some minions we’ll just keep doing our to-do list tasks on our own.

15. Watercolor To-Do ($11): Is it weird to get excited about lists within lists? Because we definitely are…

16. Paint Swatch ($10): Flip open this colorful notepad to write down all your most brilliant ideas.

17. Don’t Forget ($10): Dreading those to-dos? Just put a ribbon on it.

18. Gold Notes ($18): Leave pretty notes around for all your favorite people letting them know how much you appreciate them.

19. Gal On the Go ($10): Make every list a stylish statement.

20. Do What You Want ($6): Write whatever you want on this list that comes with a matching pen.

Which are your favorite notepads? Talk to us in the comments below!