As more and more people take to the two-wheeler as their main mode of transpo, it’s becoming harder for cyclists to find reliable bike parking. Sure, they paved paradise to put up a parking lot, but did they remember to also install a bike rack? No, sir. That’s when the Cyclepark comes into play. It’s a durable device that hooks around existing city fixtures, like street signs or retired parking meters, to turn them into bike racks.

Just count the number of lamp posts outside your home or office window and double that number: that’s how many bike parking spots are on your block right now if your city installed Cycleparks, which are currently only available by request. You should probably talk to your local Leslie Knope about the issue as soon as you’re done reading this, and here’s what to say to get her attention:

“The Cyclepark is a breeze to install: You can wrap the interlocking metal loops around any post or pole in around 10 minutes. And since it doesn’t require an inch of demolition, YOU save money, manpower and migraines (ugh, construction!) while providing your green-geared residents with secure parking spaces that make the streets less cluttered and way more beautiful.” Conclude your pitch with a whipped cream topped waffle and she’ll be putty in your hands!

As far as bike innovations go, Cyclepark’s genius lies in its simplicity. There are no smartphone-connected bells and whistles here, just a seriously resourceful hack that is poised to keep cycling at the top of the “most hassle-free ways to get around” list. Sure, riders are exercising more regularly than drivers and spending zero dolla bills on gas, but parking is becoming just as much of a chore for many urban cyclists, and the Cyclepark could almost instantly ease that congestion.

Who wants Cyclepark installed in their city? Tell us how it would improve your day-to-day on two wheels in the comments below.

(h/t Fast Company)