Styling our hair — most of us have been doing it, reading about it and testing out new styles since we could read. But back before our obsession started, we relied on a mom, older sister, auntie, babysitter or grandmother to put our hair in braids and ponytails. In the case of Izzy Wickherst, a young girl from Colorado, her coveted hair comes from a unique source — her dad, who has taken cosmetology courses just to learn how to style his daughter’s locks.

cosmetology dad 5

Greg Wickherst has been shaving his head his entire adult life, leaving him clueless to his daughter’s predicament. And as a single dad, he didn’t have any experienced female caretakers who could help him out.

cosmetology dad

So Greg did something that even the proudest papa of papas might not do; he took a cosmetology course. Now, Greg is braiding left and right, leaving the simple ponytail far behind.

cosmetology dad 2

Izzy’s hairstyles are seriously impressive. From fishtail braids to inverted ponytails, this girl has got some major school credit thanks to her devoted dad.

cosmetology dad 4

Greg shows off his creations on his Facebook page, so all his friends can see that being a great dad sometimes means spending more time with a blow dryer and hair products than they ever thought.

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What do you think of this dad’s devotion? Any stories you have to share about adults styling your hair when you were little? Tell us below!

(h/t Huffington Post)