Okay, so maybe we don’t know your dad personally, but there’s one thing we do know: His favorite gift from you is a shared experience. No matter if you’re taking him to see his favorite baseball team for the millionth time or learning to make moonshine together for the first time — father-child bonding is the bomb. That’s why we’ve collected 18 of the coolest dad-approved experiences to inspire. Short on funds? Make your own gift! And don’t forget, even dads love brunch, especially when you incorporate these cute Dad Libs into your place settings!

1. Tickets to See His Favorite Team (from $8): What’s better than a gift the whole family can get in on? Get him tickets to see his favorite team this summer, and enjoy an afternoon of father-kid bonding fueled by hot dogs and beer.

2. Wine Making Kit ($50): Just add grape juice and send the wino-dad over the moon. He can make his own red or white, impress his friends and stock all your summer events.

3. Haario Cold Water Dripper ($250): Summer means iced coffee. Initiate dad into the world of cold brew with this elegant coffee maker. Then cue the mad scientist motif.

4. BBQ Grilling Classes (from $60): Help your grill-master dad up his game with a smoking or grilling class, perfectly timed for that upcoming 4th of July barbecue.

5. Bourbon Buffet ($150): Dad can have his own whiskey tasting! Each buffet is one of a kind, and there’s also a tequila option.

6. San Francisco Sourdough Starter Kit ($30): A gift that keeps on giving, once he gets that starter bubbling, he can make fresh bread indefinitely.

7. Tandem Skydiving Lessons (from $99): Just cause he’s old doesn’t mean he’s lost his appetite for adventure. Obviously you’re jumping with him, right?

10. White Whale Cocktail Mixers 3-Pack ($30): Let dad tap into his inner mixologist with these exotic and swanky cocktail mixers.

11. Shiitake Mushroom Log ($30): Dad can grow his own organic shiitake mushrooms, and in the meantime use the log as a super-cool centerpiece.

12. The Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining ($25): What could be better than sippin’ on whiskey in summertime? Sippin’ on whiskey your bootlegger dad made in his own distillery.

13. DIY Hot Sauce Kit ($35): Sriracha, Frank’s Red Hot, Cholula, Dad’s — start him down the path to hot sauce greatness this Father’s Day.

14. Bacon Cure and Smoke Kit ($90): Add pork belly, eat bacon. Brunch will never be the same.

15. Beer Mustard Making Kit ($30): Once dad starts making his own mustard, every sandwich and bratwurst will be a masterpiece.

16. Scenic Aerial Tour ($300): Take a spin around the city — from above! Give dad new perspective on his hometown and maybe inspire a new hobby.

17. Pale Ale Brewing Kit ($45): Is your dad big into the craft beer scene? Take him from connoisseur to home brewer with this kit.

18. Kombucha Home Brew Kit ($45): We love this fizzy health drink, and we bet dad will too! He’ll have all sorts of fun coming up with his own flavors and finding new uses for that SCOBY.

So what do you think, perfect gift for dad or for you? What’s at the top of your Father’s Day list? Let us know in the comments!