There are some ’90s trends that we welcome back with open arms: choker necklaces, Fresh Prince inspired prints, light-up sneakers, overalls… we could go on. But at the same time there are some that we never thought we’d see again – primarily, we mean those ultra-streaky highlights. Christina Aguilera, we’re looking at you. However, it looks as though Dakota Johnson just fearlessly revived the ’90s look in a totally modern way.

'Black Mass' Photocall - 72nd Venice Film Festival

The actress, who recently chopped her long locks off in favor of a trendy medium cut, showed off an updated version of her new look yesterday at the Venice Film Festival. Instead of rocking the oh-so-popular balayage look, Dakota’s chestnut locks were complimented with light, blonde highlights. When paired with that brown lipstick, we really felt like we time traveled ten (no wait, 20!!) years back.

Now, let’s just all forget about how long ago the ’90s actually were and take this pic to our next hair appointment ASAP.

What are your thoughts about the revival of this ’90s look? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

(Photo via Ian Gavan/Frazer Harrison/Getty)