Ladies + gents, there’s a new way to achieve perfect texture, body and volume in your hair and it’s blowing our minds. Seriously, it goes against everything we’ve been conditioned to believe (ha!) when it comes to our locks, but, it actually makes perfect sense. The newest way to get enviable hair is to damage it — slightly — according to celeb hairstylist Harry Josh.


Harry, who’s responsible for Gweneth Paltrow + Gisele Bundchen’s hair (+ all of our collective #hairgoals), explained recently in Elle that, “Healthy hair is overrated.” Say whaaa? He went on to explain: “If your hair is chemically-treated even a little, it can still be blown shiny but it can also give bedhead texture and separation and a lived-in look that silky, healthy hair simply cannot.”

So should girls with virgin — or untreated — locks run to the salon asap? Kind of, but not for the reasons you think. As Brit + Co’s resident hair guru, Misty Spinney, told us, “There’s no blanket statement for this; it’s a complex method. It’s important to have the proper tools, know what texture your hair is, how thick it is and if you would benefit from a bleach, perm, color job or relaxer.” In other words, don’t just think going platinum will give you that perfectly pillow-kinked look. Have a heart to heart with your hairstylist about exactly the kind of texture you’re looking for, and let them tell you the procedure that would help you achieve the style best.

We know it seems totally bananas, but it’s far from the craziest thing we’ve heard that women do to get “perfect” hair (um… scalp botox injections anyone?). Similarly, there are less out-there, less permanent ways to get that tousled texture and they’re super easy to DIY. We’ve rounded up three of our favorites fuss-free ways to get textured hair, below.


1. #Wokeuplikethis Waves: The name says it all — sleep on braided wet hair and the next day you’ve got a set of springy waves Bey herself would approve of. You can use a rag tie method to get even softer looking curls. (via Brit + Co)


2. DIY Sea Salt Spray: It’s the key to getting chemical-free, heat-free and sand-free beach waves. Spray and scrunch it into your ends for that covetable windblown texture — keep it in your purse to tousle your hair on-the-go. (via Brit + Co)


3. Classic Pin Curls: Got 10 minutes to spare? Roll up sections of hair that have been sprayed with a heat protector spray into curls and pin each barrel with a duckbill clip. Once your timer dings, release and run your fingers through your curls for an insanely effortless curls. (via Brit + Co)

What do you think of intentionally frying your hair? Weigh in, in the comment section.

(h/t Elle)