Botox is not just used to fight off wrinkles — it moonlights as a method to combat extreme sweatiness of the armpit and alleviate migraines. Now, people have taken that anti-sweat concept and introduced it to their scalps with the hope that it results in hairstyles being intact for longer periods of time. Think: like a semi-permanent blowout injection (ew). You guys, Blotox is now a thing.


It’s true that less sweat on your scalp = greater longevity when it comes to various hairstyles and keeping your hair fresher, longer. It may also be true that botulinum toxin type A — aka Botox — alleviates this issue because it “decreases the nerve stimulation of the sweat glands, similar to the way it blocks stimulating the muscles,” dermatologist Dr. Jessica Weiser told Mashable. It *would* be awesome to never have to deal with scalp sweat again, but this seems like it’s going a bit too far.

If you’re considering the Blotox trend, make sure you do your research and are on the same page with your dermatologist — this procedure isn’t one to take lightly! We are talking about needles in your head after all. Keep this in mind too: really, the name of the game here seems to be overall improvement of your scalp health, and Blotox isn’t the only option. There are actually a number of alternative, less invasive ways to get go about it, and we’ve rounded up the best products that will help keep your scalp happy and your hair strong, no injections necessary.


1. Reverie CAKE Anti-Aging Growth Serum ($72): This essential oil-packed serum promises restoration and protection of the scalp all while encouraging hair growth. It’s made to work with all hair types and even contains apple stem cells to delay aging hair follicles.


2. Kiehl’s Magic Elixir Hair Restructuring Concentrate ($20): Packed with rosemary leaf and avocado, this moisturizing elixir balances the scalp and hair. It’s suitable for all hair and scalp types.


3. Aveda invati Scalp Revitalizer ($60): Densiplex, a blend of Ayurvedic herbs (like turmeric and ginseng), helps invigorate your scalp which results in stronger hair that’s less prone to breakage. You can expect less daily hair loss with this product.


4. Aesop Sage & Cedar Scalp Treatment ($35): Using this as a pre-shampoo treatment for your scalp will ensure it’s properly hydrated and ready for the day ahead. This formula contains plant extracts “with excellent purifying properties to pacify the scalp.”

What do you think about Botox? Have you ever had injections or would you consider them? Weigh in on the comment section below.

(h/t Mashable)