Demi Lovato is no stranger to backlash. And while she’s willing to apologize (in her own eyebrow-raising way) when she realizes she’s made a mistake, there are other times when she refuses to back down — just take a look at the unapologetic shade she threw at Taylor Swift’s squad and her response to the upset she caused with her one percent African tweet. And while she’s decided to respond to the latest backlash she’s facing, this time over her hair, it’s not quite what fans were hoping to hear.

Demi Lovato

“They were twists not dreads,” Lovato tweeted after fans freaked out over the look she’d taken on for her appearance in Cheat Codes’ “No Promises” video.

Demi was wearing a look in a recent video that looked like dreads, and some fans were looking for a response that showed a little remorse over what could be seen as cultural appropriation. Lovato, though, won’t likely be saying sorry any time soon, instead telling upset fans to “#relax,” adding, “Btw they looked f*cking rad anyway.”

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(h/t Refinery29; photo via Rich Fury/Getty)