Happy engagement season! Since Thanksgiving, couples have been getting engaged left and right (and all over Facebook). And that means it’s time to start thinking about a sweet engagement session. While you could wait until summer to have them taken, we love the look of cozy engagement photos shot in the colder months of the year. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and get inspiration for your own cozy engagement photos below.

1. Play in the Snow: Doing a winter activity like ice skating, sledding, or just having a snowball fight adds a majorly playful vibe to your pictures. (Bonus: you’ll have the kind of healthy glow you just can’t fake with makeup!)

2. Bundle Up Beachside: Another cozy couple who proves that you don’t have to have snow to create a wintery vibe. We love the way the red accessories pop against the softer tones in these photos.

3. Let Your Love Keep You Warm: Festive formal attire adds an unexpected touch to outdoor photos… and despite the fact that the bride isn’t wearing a jacket, she doesn’t look the slightest bit chilly!

4. Go Mad for Plaid: Turn a spring or summer engagement session into a Christmas card opportunity with plaid and knit details and pine cone accents.

5. Get Cabin Fever: A secluded location provided the breathtaking backdrop for this cozy engagement session. Search airbnb to find the perfect weekend getaway near you, and then plan a mini road trip with your love and your photographer.

6. Take it Easy: These engagement photos seem so natural; the couple is wearing regular weekend clothes and using minimal props. It looks less staged and more like a normal winter day (albeit one with perfect lighting).

7. Perform a Hat Trick: Knitted caps = instant coziness. And we love the way their outfits and accessories coordinate without being overly matchy.

8. Fake Flakes: Couples in warmer climates, take note! These two used faux snow (and the coolest vintage trailer!) to add a wintry touch to their session.

9. Take It Inside: Fluffy pillows, comfy jammies, and breakfast in bed make for a lovely Lazy Sunday shoot. (Hint: shoot in a hotel with great lighting and a decor style that matches your aesthetic!)

10. Have a Snow Day: It’s amazing how a fresh blanket of snow can make a grey day look so incredibly romantic — we doubt anyone would look this relaxed and happy on a rainy summer day.

11. Sweater Together: Let’s be honest: this bride’s adorable sweater is part of why these photos are so great! Look for a an-old school pattern to get the same nostalgic effect.

12. Make a Blanket Statement: These photos manage to be both cool and warm at the same time, thanks to cozy blankets in an icy color palette. We especially love the mix of patterns and textures here!

13. Bedded Bliss: “Pinch me, I must be dreaming” is right! That bed is so idyllic and the shot of their toes adds even more romance.

14. Bring It Home: This couple was photographed at their apartment (which just so happens to be next door to a donut shop). Something as simple as going about your daily routine can lead to amazing photos.

15. Snowy Romance: And finally, a throwback to Brit + Co. founder Brit Morin’s very own engagement photos! These were taken in Jackson Hole, where she and her husband Dave got married the following summer. So sweet!

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