If you think embroidery is reserved for your grandma鈥檚 throw pillow collection, you need to check out these stitchin鈥 DIY projects. Embroidery is coming back in a big way (thank you, Lauren Conrad), and this old-school skill isn鈥檛 just reserved for hoops and cross stitch projects. Modern embroidery = cool typography, trendy geometric patterns and some seriously rad fashion accessories. And embroidery doesn鈥檛 stop at fabric 鈥 you can throw a stitch on any material: sneakers, floral wreaths, wood planters and printed photos. Just check out these 21 DIY embroidery projects. If you鈥檙e still feeling intimidated, boost your skills with our awesome Embroidery 101 class + kit ($37), where you鈥檒l learn how to embroider quotes in no time.


1. DIY Embroidered Sneakers: All the other kids will be jealous of your stitched-up kicks this spring. Spruce up a boring pair of white sneakers with abstract patterns and geometric embroidery. (via Brit + Co)


2. DIY Giant Embroidery Picnic Blanket: It鈥檚 almost time to pull out the picnic baskets and head outside for some stylish outdoor dining. Make sure your blanket is on point with a snazzy embroidered greeting. Pro tip: Use chunky yarn to make the job go faster. (via Lovely Indeed)


3. DIY Pom Pom Market Tote: Spruce up your grocery tote with a selection of pom pom fruit and a cheeky embroidered greeting. This easy project will definitely ensure you get your daily dose of veggies. (via Damask Love)


4. DIY Embroidered Instagrams: If you鈥檙e a Snapchat fiend, you already know all about doodling all over your fave photos. Jazz up your favorite Instagram photos with little embellishments for one-of-a-kind wall art or personalized gifts. (via Lovely Indeed)


5. DIY Floral Wreath: Look again 鈥 the embroidery involved in this project is super subtle. Use embroidery thread to add detailing to a few petals and leaves for an extra fancy floral wreath that鈥檒l have your friends wondering just what is it that adds the extra oomph? (via Brit + Co)


6. DIY Embroidered Notebook: You鈥檝e painted and drawn on your notebooks, but have you ever embroidered a pineapple on the cover? Once you鈥檝e nailed the backstitch, you can embroider pretty much anything you want on every notebook you own. (via Knits & Brew)


7. DIY Embroidered Bouquet: If you want to go a more traditional route with your embroidery, check out these DIY techniques for how to nail the different flowers and textures. Frame it in a hoop, or use your new florals on a white T-shirt. (via Down Grapevine Lane)


8. DIY Stitched Text Tote Bag: Nervous about trying to embroider typography? Keep things simple with easy block letters and a Kimmy Schmidt quote that will get stuck in your head all day long. (via The Homesteady)


9. DIY Embroidered Travel Pouch: Every gal knows the key to a (semi) organized purse is bags within bags. DIY one or two of these embroidered travel pouches to keep your headphones, sunglasses and lipsticks from sinking to the bottom of the black hole that is your purse. (via Brit + Co)


10. DIY Lavender Bag: These mini sachets are almost too cute to hide in a drawer. Fill linen pouches with lavender and other good-smelling things, then stitch a colorful pattern on the top for an extra sweet gift. (via Stitch Craft Create)

make a box for your crochet yarn

11. DIY Yarn Box: If spring cleaning includes the ever-messy craft closet, start by making a few of these labeled storage boxes. After all, the key to organization starts with pretty boxes, right? Especially when they鈥檙e functional. (via Akamatra)


12. DIY Sequin Embroidery: Once you鈥檝e gotten the hang of the basic embroidery stitch, you鈥檙e going to want to add some bling. It鈥檚 just inevitable. Follow this DIY for adding sequins to your designs and you鈥檒l be bedazzling everything in sight. (via Bee鈥檚 Knees Industries)


13. DIY Wooden Stitched Planter: Plant lady is the new cat lady and stitched planters are the new鈥 terracotta pot. You鈥檒l be amazed at how easy it is to make these planters, and your friends will be amazed that you managed to stitch wood together. (via Look What I Made)


14. DIY Embroidered +聽Beaded Pouches: Use beads to make your embroidery designs extra pretty. Embellish your makeup bag with a simple design, or add a monogram to your pencil case to make sure no one steals your good pens. (via Brit + Co)


15. DIY Stitched Card: You don鈥檛 need an occasion to make this cool card for your #squad. Tell your ladies how much you appreciate them with a hand-stitched card that lets them know how much you鈥檙e crushing on them. (via Dream Green DIY)


16. DIY Embroidered Pencil Cup: A pencil cup is essentially just a vase for all your pens and pencils, and if you do a lot of sketching or note-taking, those pencils deserve to be displayed. Add a quirky touch to your desk with this lacy and colorful DIY embroidered pencil cup. (via Eryn With a Y)


17. DIY Embroidered Engineer Print: Once you鈥檝e tried your hand at embroidering Instagram, it鈥檚 time to raise the playing field and go for something bigger. Make a statement 鈥 literally 鈥 with this handmade statement art. Dress up an inexpensive engineer print with a favorite embroidered quote and a simple Balsa-wood-and-rope-fixture hanger. (via Brit + Co)


18. DIY Constellation String Art: Obsessed with your horoscope? These string art zodiac signs are a perfect way to personalize everything in your life. Make one or make them all and DIY a mini gallery wall to show off your sign. (via Vintage Revivals)


19. DIY Embroidered Photo Art: Make your photos extra textural by adding embroidered accents. Transform a special black and white image with colorful accents for a unique piece of art. (via A Beautiful Mess)


20. DIY Geometric Animal String Art: Pick your favorite animal and turn that guy into a crazy cool geometric shape. Whether you go for a deer, a fox, a walrus or a chicken, the idea is the same: Just draw a series of triangles with big triangles for the body and smaller triangles for the face and feet, then connect the dots where the lines meet. (via Brit + Co)


21. DIY Ice Cream Sneakers: Food as clothing? Um, yes please. Turn your white sneakers into everyone鈥檚 favorite treat with embroidered sprinkles and giant 鈥渃herry鈥 pom poms on top. (via Studio DIY)

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