Looking for new ways to practice your lettering skills? Yeah, so are we! To get our gears turning outside the usual realm of paper and pen, we decided to look to our fave mavens of embroidery on Instagram for some lettering inspo. Seeing as we’re currently halfway through our 50 Days of Lettering creative challenge, where we commit to lettering something every day and sharing online with our friends, these embroidered typographic designs are a welcome source of fresh inspiration. Get in on the challenge with us, and share pics of your work on Instagram, using the hashtag #50daysoflettering and tagging @BritandCo. Now, lets check out all of the different stitching styles you can use to create killer embroidered typography.

1. @gulushthreads: This big beautiful hoop comes from our own Embroidery Online Class instructor, Kristen Gula. This combo of two fonts and florals checks off all the boxes for a balanced and beautiful design, and is the perfect place to start off on your embroidered lettering adventures.

2. @threadhoney: Not only are we loving the color combos and crisp outlined text here, but this hilarious (and accurate) reference to our fave goofy gal, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, provides the perfect motivation for all your girlboss endeavors.

3. @maricormaricar: Okay, now this is some next level stitching. The twinning duo behind Maricormaricar is constantly amazing us, but this particular piece is giving us serious color and texture goals. Goodbye social life I have some stitching to do ;)

4. @magnolia.threads: This next piece combines beautiful, bold lettering and candy colored french knots that are simultaneously making me want to get to work on my next passion project AND find myself a retro gum ball machine.

5. @femme.broidery: Ain’t it the truth?! Sometimes your embroidered lettering is best left clean and simple, letting your message shine. Plus, check out that awesome banner work.

6. @thebarmyfox: This next piece is the perfect example of how AWESOME your embroidered letters can turn out when you start with a nice brush hand-lettering style. Experiment with filling in some letters and leaving others as an outline to really make your typographic piece pop.

7. @brynnandcoshop: This pretty pair of hoops is an excellent reminder to play with contrast in your designs to really make your lettering stand out. Then, give your piece some extra pizazz with pretty floral accents.

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8. @makingjiggy: I’m leaving you with this last piece of embroidery inspiration, just because it puts a big ol’ smile on my face. Remember that the best designs are the ones that make people smile, so go out, grab some embroidery thread and have FUN with it! :)

What other typographic projects are you taking on?Post your pics on Instagram using the hashtags #50daysoflettering and #iamcreative.