Not just for jewelry, a little bit of gem glam can add the right accent to your home and party decor. Whether you’re decorating for an engagement party, looking for some holiday gift ideas or just looking to add extra sparkle to your home, check out these 25 gem-inspired DIY projects.

1. Glycerin Soap: If you want to try making soap, then you must try making soap that looks like a pile of jewels. Put a basket of them in your guest bathroom and your friends will feel like royalty. (via Mr. Printables)

2. Gem Stirrers: Treat your guests to a fancy drink and a trendy little stirring stick. Paint up all the sides with different colors or just go with one solid color for a unified theme. (via Confetti Pop)

3. Faux Gem Wine Stoppers: There is really no wrong way to make these “gems.” Just start carving until you like the shape of them, bake and glue onto a cork. (via Almost Perfect)

4. Paper Diamond: All you need to do is print and fold these fabulous paper jewels. You could use them as place cards or fill them with little gifts for a pretty gift box. (via Minieco)

5. Geometric Clay Ornament: Get a head start on your tree decorating with these super cool clay ornaments. We’ve painted ours gold, but if your theme is red or blue, go crazy with the color blocking. (via Brit + Co)

6. Wooden Gems: It’s amazing what a little paint variation can do when it comes to making these wooden cards look so three dimensional. You could make little key rings, jewelry or even napkin holders. (via Fabric Paper Glue)

7. Gem Piñatas: We think a piñata is always a good idea, and these pastel gems would be a welcome addition to any party theme. Fill them with candy or just make a garland to hang over the table. (via Lovely Indeed)

8. Painted Tote: You can never have too many tote bags. (via Whimsey Box)

9. Leather Gem Keychains: Great as little gifts or party favors, it’s always nice to have a plush and colorful keychain to help you locate those pesky keys all the way at the bottom of your bag. (via Lovely Indeed)

10. Graphic Gem: Whether you like to admit it or not, holiday season is upon up. This year, forget bows. Cover yours in jewels, dahling. (via Minieco)

11. Gemstone Magnets: Get yourself a silicone gem mold and make a whole jewel collection! These magnets would make awesome gifts. You can paint them or just leave them concrete. (via At Home In Love)

12. Geometric Cheese Block: For the very adventurous, skip the clay and go straight for the chainsaw. A faceted wooden block would make an incredible statement piece for any dinner party. (via The Merry Thought)

13. Cupcake Toppers: Can you believe these were made with nothing more than Crayola crayon and some water? These little cake toppers are sure to be a hit. (via Confetti Sunshine)

14. Painted Gem Clutch: Personalize an old clutch with some spray paint and a cheap statement necklace. This would be such a fun bridesmaids’ gift because you can make them in whatever color you want. (via Love it. Live it. Make it)

15. Cement Gem Ornaments: Tie them to a present, wrap them around a bottle of wine, stick some in a planter. They are easy to make in big batches, so give them to everyone! (via Lovely Indeed)

17. Diamond Pin Board: Add some sparkle to your office by ditching that boring old cork board and replacing it with a sleek and modern gem-shaped board. (via Craft Hunter)

18. Gem Nightlight: Twinkle twinkle little diamond. Add a little bit of light to your bathroom or bedroom with a colorful gem nightlight. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

19. Wood Gemstone Garland: Did your love finally put a ring on it? We’ve found the decor for your engagement party. (via Tell Love and Chocolate)

20. 3D Gems: Make all your gifts shine with a couple of these sparkly gems on top of a piece of ribbon or gift tag. Make them with sturdy card stock so they survive some travel. (via Maritza Lisa)

21. Gemstone Pendants: If you don’t love the white look of plaster, you can add bits of dye to make pastel little gems for an industrial, but feminine piece of jewelry. (via Tuts Plus)

22. Diamond Honeycomb: This isn’t as hard as it looks, and it makes a huge impact. Just follow the pattern and glue in all the right places for the prettiest bow you ever did see. (via Things She Makes)

23. Stitched Ornament: The hand-stitching on these little wooden ornaments adds a rustic, homey feeling. If you can trace and thread a needle, you can make a handful of these in time for any seasonal activities. (via Jade and Fern)

24. Geometric Boutonniere: Planning a modern wedding? These faceted little gems would be the perfect accent for all the guys in your ceremony. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

25. Gemstone Bobby Pins: Cheap jewelry is awesome until it starts falling apart. Make use of all those mismatched jewelry pieces by giving them new life as hairpins! (via Tell Love and Chocolate)

What gem projects are you loving right now? Talk to us in the comments below!