Let’s see what’s on the agenda for the next few months — Mother’s Day, a shower and, oh, at least two weddings. And do you know what they all require? A little bit of pretty packaging. If you have a printer and some glue, then you can make a whole variety of adorable gift boxes waiting to be filled with baked treats, party confetti or pretty pastel jewelry. Check out these 20 free templates to find the perfect gift box for whatever the occasion may be.

1. Donut Box: How cute are these little donut-shaped boxes? With a convenient end opening, you could fill them with little bits of candy or perhaps spiked donut holes for your donut party favors. (via Minie Co.)

2. Flower Top: With a pretty flower folded on top, this box is the one for all your spring gifting needs. (via Daily Fix)

3. Spring Mismatch: Aren’t these just the most cheerful little favor boxes you’ve ever seen? And they’re totally the right hues for your swinging spring shindig. (via Style Me Pretty)

4. Love Note: Paper pencil containers! They’re ideal for a tiny treat or for sharing a secret little love note. Those pastel colors will inspire you to fold one for yourself too. (via Upon a Fold)

5. Pie Box: A slice of pie is one of those wonderful things that is slightly complicated to share. But this printable makes sure everyone gets a piece of the action. (via Oh the Lovely Things)

6. Geometric Heart: Passing along the love isn’t just reserved for Valentine’s Day. We heart the geometric aspect of these little boxes all 365. (via Heart Handmade)

7. Hexagon Gifts: This fun template is available with the floral pattern, or just as a plain white box for you to decorate with your own personalized color palette. (via Next on Nicx)

8. Buggy Boxes: The only bugs welcome to bombard your party are these little ladybugs, flies, caterpillars and bees. (via Mr. Printables)

9. Geometric Shapes: Available in three geometric patterns, these awesome rainbow boxes are going to make everyone’s day. (via Oh Happy Day)

10. Tiny Favors: The best uses here are place-card holder or confetti holder for your wedding. (via Ruffled)

11. Strawberry Treats: You can almost smell summer with these cheerful little favor boxes! Best part about them? They’re a breeze to make. (via Oh Happy Day)

12. Geo Ball: Even without lids, geo balls can hold a little gift at each table setting, and we’re loving the pastel color palette. (via Zu)

13. Candy Striped: A candy-striped, candy-shaped favor box?! It doesn’t get sweeter than that! (via Eat Drink Chic)

14. Rose Boxes: Yes, this printable comes with the template for a little rose box topper. Take on the task of folding, and you’ve got yourself the most beautiful wedding or baby shower takeaway on the planet. (via Elli)

15. Cupcake Box: It’s what you’ve been looking for — a box just the right size for one cupcake or a yummy stack of cookies. (via Pay It Forward)

16. Golden Glitter: All you need is some glitter paper and a glue stick for a little favor box that fold up perfectly with a heart on top. (via The House That Lars Built)

17. Starburst Box: Don’t these funky favor boxes remind you of Hershey kisses? (via Fanni Williams)

18. Carrot Favors: Yes, Easter is just around the corner, and these carrot-shaped boxes will garner you a load of “awws,” especially if you choose to print them in these adult floral and polka-dot patterns. (via Emily Burnette)

19. Wooden Blocks: Looking very vintage with their wooden texture, these adorable little block boxes are the answer to decorating a nursery, baby shower or birthday party. (via Elli)

20. Townhouse Box: And lastly, a box that will perfectly “house” your home baked goods. (via Martha Stewart)

Will you be using any of these pretty gift boxes at your next party? Let us know in the comments below!