These days we are finding ourselves lip balm obsessed! There’s nothing worse than that dry, chapped and flaky feeling when it hits you in the kisser. You will find us ducking into the nearest Quick Mart, pronto. Treating the skin on your lips is a smart move — it’s oh-so soothing and has the added benefit of helping makeup look better longer. But don’t go reaching for yet another one of those hard wax store-bought lip tubes that you will use then lose, when the ingredients to make your own are right in your kitchen. Create a DIY lip balm that suits your taste and taste buds, and you will never forget to leave home without it.

All you need to DIY your own lip balm is a base of either beeswax or coconut oil, plus one or two other ingredients that will add taste and tint. Emollients like beeswax and coconut oil work great to soften, sooth, and protect and are natural anti-microbials. Flavor and tint can be provided by adding honey, chocolate, coconut, mint, rose essence, even Kool-Aid. Yum!

Here are lip stain recipes to try.

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