Winter time is referred to as a wonderland for a reason — white sparkling snow, shimmering lights, cozy vibes — it’s truly magical. This year we decided to capture this feeling in a shadow box snow globe creation. We combined two of our favorite themes — Make It Mini and vintage finds — to create this winter foyer decor. Follow along to learn how to make your own winter wonderland keepsake.






  1. Cut out 4 pieces of white paper that measure the size of your tin.
  2. Hot glue 1 piece of white paper to the back of the tin.
  3. Cut 2 pieces of balsa wood that measure 2 inches less than the height of your tin and then hot glue to the inner edges of the tin.
  4. Grab a piece of paper that is trimmed to the size of your tin and trim off about 2 inches. Cut a wavy pattern at the top to mimic mountain peaks. Use hot glue to outline the curvy line and then cover with fake snow. Hot glue the paper onto the balsa wood to create the first layer of mountains.
  5. Repeat step 4, but this time, glue 2 pieces of balsa wood together to give more depth between mountain layers.
  6. Once your mountains are in place, use fiber fill, Christmas trees and small figurines to decorate the scene.

Trim four pieces of white paper to the size of your tin. Glue one piece to the back of the tin to create a white backdrop.


Trim two pieces of balsa wood to be two inches less than the height of the tin.


Hot glue the balsa wood to the inner edge of the tin.


Trim one of the pieces of paper about two inches and cut out a wavy line to create the illusion of mountains. Outline the wavy line with hot glue and cover with fake snow. Glue on top of the balsa wood.


Repeat the step above, but this time, layer two pieces of balsa wood to create more depth in-between the layers.


Keep creating mountain slopes until you have almost reached the bottom of the tin.


Time to turn this tin into a winter wonderland. Hot glue fake trees to different areas of the tin.


Use fiber fill to create the illusion of snow. Add dabs of hot glue to the pillow stuffing and then dip into fake snow. Stuff in-between layers of mountains to create a snowy top.


Add your figure skaters and skiers into the scene using hot glue and patience — they are small ;)


Dreamy wonderland filled with fun and thrill. (LOL look at that guy just going straight down!)


Take this scene one step further with mini log cabins or even a ski lift!


This new spin on a snow globe is the perfect decor piece for your foyer or mantle.


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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Brittany Griffin and Kurt Andre

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