If you have the space, it’s almost essential to have a nightstand by the side of your bed. Not only is it the best place to stash your alarm clock (or your smartphone that acts as your alarm clock), but it’s also where you keep all those things you need right before you go to sleep—lip balm, a glass of water, hand lotion, etc. It’s also a great way to add a touch of color or style to your room. We vote going for something that contrasts with, but still complements, the space and your bedding. Take a look through these ideas, some of which you can buy and others that you can DIY, to find one that’s a perfect fit for your room!

1. Rex Nightstand ($400): This simple modern night stand has a single drawer to keep all your essentials, and a built-in shelf for your current reads.

2. SELJE Nightstand ($30): This bright blue side table is an easy way to add a pop of color to your bedroom. Plus, because it’s small it discourages clutter.

3. 1 Table, 2 Nightstands: If you have a side table that’s in need of a refresh, try making it into two matching, wall-mounted nightstands with this tutorial. Just be warned, you will need some power tools. (via HGTV)

4. Tin Foil Nightstand: It’s shockingly easy to make a vintage-looking, mirrored nightstand by covering a wooden one with tin foil. Just follow this easy tutorial. (via Vintage Revivals)

5. On the Grid Nightstand ($99): We love stealing decor ideas from the kids, and this wire mesh nightstand is no exception. It fits everything you need perfectly.

6. Decorative Trim Nightstands: These decorative nightstands are modeled after ones that cost nearly $900 each! Luckily, with a bit of elbow grease, you can make them for a fraction of the price. (via Cumbersome)

7. Numbered Nightstand: We love to add typography to our decor, and this numbered nightstand is no exception. The tutorial includes a smart trick of using an overhead projector to stencil the numbers on the piece. (via Crafted Niche)

8. Cupric Nightstand ($398): This new nightstand could easily be mistaken for an heirloom. The copper body and aged silver top are a fresh take on mixing metallics.

9. Basket and Cup Nightstand: If you don’t have quite enough room for a real nightstand, consider a wall-mounted version like this basket and toothbrush cup version. It’s perfect for keeping a few essentials bedside. (via Ikea Hackers)

10. Elia Nightstand with Power Dock ($719): With this nightstand you’re paying for convenience. The top drawer is designed to keep your gadgets organized and fully charged. We’d love to see a DIY version as well.

11. Plum & Bow Gigi Side Table ($189): Like something straight out of the 1970s with the wicker panel in the door, this night stand adds a vintage vibe to your bedroom.

12. Catch-All Shelf: Using a simple wooden magazine holder, you can make this corner shelf to go next to your bed. It’s perfect if you’re short on space, but still need a place to charge your phone and keep a glass of water or a magazine. (via Design*Sponge)

13. Wine Box Nightstand: This simple nightstand is made of three stained wooden wine boxes that have been overturned. Such a smart way to repurpose! (via Lark & Linen)

14. Parquetry Nightstand ($349): If you love parquet floors but have a rental filled with wall-to-wall carpet, this stylish nightstand is an easy way to bring that pattern home.

15. DIY Pet Bed Nightstand: Who can resist this chic nightstand with a pet bed built right in? All it takes is a small dresser with a few drawers removed. Genius! (via DIY Network)

16. ULSBERG Nightstand ($30): This glass table is great for those who don’t like to keep a ton of clutter by your bed. You’ll have room for a lamp and alarm clock and maybe some lip gloss.

Which of these nightstands is your favorite? Would you prefer to buy or DIY? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!