Beyond being a delicious and healthful breakfast choice, oatmeal is a completely overlooked skincare hack that deserves some love. Its ability to gently exfoliate away dullness is key during these colder months when our skin could use a dusting off makes it a go-to choice as a base for a slew of homemade scrubs, especially as a less-abrasive alternative to sugar. To show the oatmeal love, we’ve whipped up three batches of good-for-your-skin concoctions that will invigorate, soothe and revitalize your skin, and as luck has it, you probably have most of the ingredients already at home. Here are three of our favorite DIY recipes that focus on using oatmeal to spruce up your skin and lips.




    This hydrating scrub will wake you right up — and smell the coffee, literally — and leave your skin feeling smooth, smelling yummy and looking healthy and moisturized.


    – 1 cup uncooked oatmeal
    – 1 cup ground coffee
    – 1 cup coconut oil

  2. bodyscrub1Add uncooked oatmeal and ground coffee into a bowl and combine. Then, scoop in a heaping cup of coconut oil to keep it all stuck together. I found it’s best to mix it all up with your hands so it warms the coconut oil up a bit and makes everything easier to incorporate together. Scoop it into a glass mason jar and take in a long whiff of this stuff — it smells divine. When you’re ready to use it (within three days of making it), slather it on, scrub away and get ready for super smooth, supple skin.
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    Give your dry winter skin the soothing dose of moisture it needs this time of year with this creamy cleanser that will exfoliate dull skin away while hydrating. The lavender scent makes you feel like you’re at a spa — even though you’re prob in your bathroom — while the honey acts as a natural antibacterial.


    – 1 Tablespoon powdered milk
    – 1 Tablespoon uncooked oatmeal
    – 2 drops of organic lavender essential oil
    – 1 Tablespoon honey
    – splash of water

  5. diy3Combine the oatmeal and milk powder in a mixing bowl, then add a splash of water to activate the powdered milk. Scoop out a heaping tablespoon of honey and add it to the mixture. Carefully add two drops of lavender essential oil to the blend — make sure you don’t add more than two drops, because this stuff is powerful! Gently stir the mixture and place into an airtight container. Make sure you use this one within three days before it goes bad!
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    Your lips (and your boo) will thank you after you apply this sweet and citrusy lip treatment. Gently scrub some over your lips before you apply lipstick — you’ll see that it leaves behind the ideal canvas for even color application. The best part is that you can eat it (and you should; it’s delicious).


    – 1 Tablespoon brown sugar
    – 1 Tablespoon honey
    – 1 cup oatmeal
    – squeeze of fresh grapefruit juice

  8. diy4Place the oatmeal, honey and brown sugar in a mixing bowl and combine the ingredients until they’re evenly mixed. Cut a grapefruit in half and squeeze into the bowl — this citrus kick thins out the mixture and gives it a super fresh scent. Spoon the lip treatment into small containers so you can apply this to your pout whenever it’s in need of a refresh.
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