There’s something about spring that makes us want to start fresh, whether it’s through detoxing, purging closets, de-cluttering or just giving our homes a good old fashioned top-to-bottom spring cleaning. So why not start fresh with your skin too? After all, it is your body’s largest organ — and the poor thing has spent months being subject to dry air, hot showers, wind and layer upon layer of moisturizer (which can actually upset your skin’s balance and make it drier if you overuse it). As temps start to rebound, it’s time to shed your lizard scales and bring out glowing, healthy new skin. We’re sharing 11 easy DIY exfoliators, all made with natural ingredients, that you’ll want to DIY and try asap.

tropical scrubs

1. Tropical Body Scrubs: Didn’t get a spring-break vacay this year? Yeah, me neither. Lucky for us, these DIY tropical scrubs featuring papaya, pineapple and mango are almost (almost!) as great as a week on the beach. (via Hello Natural)


2. Organic Citrus Sugar Scrub: Sugar gets a bad rap, but it’s one of the best (i.e., gentlest) ways to exfoliate. Add lemon, lime and mint, and then your mojito — err, body scrub — is all set. (via Sugar + Cloth)


3. Coffee Sugar Scrub: Coffee doesn’t just wake up your brain; it gets your circulation going as well. (And come on, you can’t beat that smell.) This skin pick-me-up pairs it with sweet-smelling, soothing vanilla and sugar. (via Offbeat + Inspired)

applesauce mask

4. Exfoliating Applesauce Mask: The malic acid in apples is an alpha hydroxy acid that can firm and smooth skin, as well as fight acne and reduce the appearance of scars and sun damage. This four-ingredient mask only needs 10 minutes to work its magic on your face. (via Hello Natural)


5. Floral Body Scrub: You’re probably noticing a food-ingredient theme here, but floral essences like rose and lavender also help keep your skin rosy (literally) and balanced. They add super-soothing aromatherapy benefits to this simple salt scrub. (Via Freutcake)


6. Grapefruit Body Scrub: Gotta love grapefruit — and not just for brunch and cocktails. When the fruit is applied topically, the antioxidants in grapefruit help minimize blemishes and discoloration, and regulate oily skin. (via Kate Bello)


7. Ginger Snap Cookie Scrub: Ginger and cinnamon are right up there with all the dynamic duos: peanut butter and chocolate, Batman and Robin, Kim and Kanye — you get the idea. This time they combine forces in a warming, luxurious sugar scrub that smells like heaven. If only you could get the same effect eating gingersnaps. Le sigh. (via Savvy Naturalista)


8. Coconut Tea Rose Sugar Scrub: Everyone’s go-to ingredient, coconut oil, binds this pretty scrub together, and the tea of your choice (rose was used here) adds antioxidants and a lovely, not-too-sweet smell. For oily skin, try using a green tea blend. Chamomile will soothe sensitive skin, and ginger will increase circulation. (via Shelterness)


9. Coconut Coffee Scrub: If your face is puffy or you’re battling stretch marks or cellulite (um, who isn’t?), these make-ahead, freezable coconut-coffee cubes are a godsend. The caffeine will absorb into your skin and dehydrate extra fluid, so your skin is tighter and firmer. The results are temporary, but hey, we’ll take it. (via Hello Natural)


10. Lime-Ginger Sea Salt Scrub: Citrus, cinnamon and ginger make for a fresh but warming combo that not only softens your skin, but also gets your lymphatic system out of its winter rut. Use a little less lime if you have sensitive skin. (via Nourish + Inspire Me)


11. Coconut-Ginger Sugar Scrub: Coconut oil strikes again! This time, it’s teaming up with warming ginger to scrub off all that flaky winter skin while retaining your natural moisture. (via Gimme Some Oven)

What are your favorite exfoliators? Share your DIY recipes with us in the comments below!