We can’t live without accent pieces throughout our home and office. We’re always scouting out new and different ways to add pops of color to our space, but few decor accents beat the quick punch you get from a bold pouf. Of course, it’s hard to justify spending your furniture budget on a glorified ottoman-pillow hybrid piece so, naturally, it’s time to DIY. Here are 12 tutorials we found for making your very own pouf. (Of course, if you’d rather buy a pretty pouf, we’ve got a few ideas for that too!) By the end of all this, they might just be calling you Pouf Daddy! Or not. Did we take that pun too far?

1. Tribal IKEA Hack: First up, this tutorial will take you through how to turn a basic IKEA stool into this awesome square pouf. We love the geometric black and white pattern. (via Kristi Murphy)

2. Color Wheel Pouf: How awesome is this? We love the color wheel style and gradient. We might have to create one featuring our colors here at Brit HQ. (via Design*Sponge)

3. Puff Daddy Knitted Stool: Is this the best name for a DIY pouf you’ve ever seen? These beautifully knit poufs definitely fit into the weekend project category. (via Pickles)

4. Painted Pouf: This beautifully painted pouf is actually pretty darn simple to create. We love imagining all of the different designs you could decorate yours with. (via Camille Styles)

5. Pillowcase Pouf: Got a thing for vintage pillowcases but have no idea what to do with them? Or maybe you’ve got a few mismatched ones from over the years? This project is a quick and lovely way to repurpose them. (via Houzz)

6. Moroccan Pouf: Ready to take on a serious project? This Moroccan-inspired pouf will definitely impress anyone who comes to your house. (via The Winthrop Chronicles)

7. Inner Tube Pouf Chair: These were made by wrapping fabric over an inner tube. How crazy is that? We’re suspicious of how long the air stays in each tube, but maybe you could figure out a way to be able to re-inflate every so often. (via Camilla Hounsell Halvorsen)

8. Rollie Pollie Pouf: This fun pouf features a handle, making it easy to cart around the house. (via So You Think You’re Crafty)

9. Drop-Dead Denim Pouf: Now that is a fresh way of repurposing denim! The key with this one is keeping to a strict geometric pattern — otherwise you might get too patchwork-y. (via Michele Made Me)

10. Patterned Turquoise Pouf: Another one inspired by classic Moroccan design, we love the bright turquoise hue of this patterned pouf. (via Textile Love)

11. Chunky Jersey Knit Pouf: You can actually buy the tutorial for this pouf, created using cotton jersey fabric. We wonder if you could do something similar using repurposed t-shirts. (via Dana’s Joy on Etsy)

12. Pretty Stitched Pouf: Lastly, a tutorial on these stitched poufs that combines clean seams and exposed stitching. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

Will you make any of these poufs? What other objects for your home would like to learn to create? Talk to us in the comments below.