Who said a terrarium has to look the same all year round? We are firm believers that there are no rules, meaning all sorts of seasonal treats and trinkets are fair game for your teeny green arrangements. To give our indoor greenery an Easter upgrade and satisfy a mean craving for chocolate, we’re turning this terrarium DIY project into a miniature egg hunt! Keep reading to see how it’s all put together.


Lucky for you, we have our handy Sand Art Terrarium Kit to get this DIY show on the road right away. All you need to add is a few chocolate eggs to turn this year-round decor piece into a fun Easter activity.


— glass bubble terrarium

— air plants

— preserved moss

— white aquarium rocks

— white sand

— red sand

— gold glitter

(included in our Sand Art Terrarium Kit)

Additional Tools + Supplies:

— scissors

— small wrapped chocolate eggs

(not included in kit)


1. Cut off the corner of your first bag of sand, and pour a small layer into the bottom of your glass bubble terrarium.

2. Add layers of your other colors of sand and glitter, and top off with a layer of white aquarium rocks.

3. Place 3-4 wrapped mini chocolate eggs into your terrarium.

4. Cover your chocolate eggs with moss and two air plants and you’re done!


Grab your terrarium supplies, a pair of scissors and some wrapped mini chocolate eggs, and you’re already minutes away from having a finished terrarium.


First things first, snip off the corner of your first bag of sand. This will be the first layer of your sand art base.


Slowly pour a small layer of sand in each color through the hole in the front of the terrarium. Top it off with a layer of white aquarium rocks to keep all the sand and glitter in place.


Now it’s time to add the eggs! Simply pop a few on top of the rocks, making sure to get one or two in the back of the terrarium.


Now hide those little eggs with a healthy sprig of moss and your two air plants. Put your “wow” plant at the front for a picture perfect terrarium. None of these little air plants are actually being “planted” into soil of any kind, so you will be able to easily remove them to retrieve those eggs later ;)


I spy with my little eye… CHOCOLATE! Terrariums have never been so fun.


What other creative Easter DIYs are you making this year? Show us your project by tagging us on Instagram and using the hashtag #iamcreative!