Though websites and pet stores are filled to the brim with all sorts of crazy costumes that can turn your dog into dinosaurs, Lady Gaga and more, you know we’ve gotta throw our hat in the DIY ring every Halloween. We decided to take the most romantic, colorful Pixar classic UP and turn it into a costume.

Follow along to see how we transformed Brit + Co resident pup Turkey Temple into Carl in a replica of his home, topped with lots of balloons!

Thanks to our Creative Director Anjelika for lending us her pooch for this fun costume! For this and all pet costumes, it’s essential to make adjustments based on size, comfort and maximum mobility for your particular pet. Now, let’s get to it.


– A box that fits your dog

– brown or black spray paint

– white foam board

– black paint pen

– card stock (yellow, pink, green, blue, black)

– wooden paper

– fake glasses

– fur to create eyebrows

– fake grass

– coat or garment for your pup to attach the house


– black paint pen

– ruler

– white pencil or gel pen

– scissors

– exacto knife

– glue gun

– glue or gluestick

How cute is that little doggie vest?!

Use an exacto knife to make a cut out on the front and back of the box that is big enough to be placed over your doggies back, but small enough that it is a snug fit, without being too restricting.

Spray paint the box.

Use a sharpie and your ruler to create the outline of your house on foam board or card stock. I used an image from The Disney Blog for inspiration.

Once fully outlined, use your exacto knife to cut it out.Use the large triangle as your template to trace the same shape onto yellow paper. Cut it out and then glue it to the board.

Now outline and cut out the opening space for the board using the cut out in the box as your guide.

Continue to follow the patterns on the house and cut out then glue them to the foam board.

Just a few more finishing touches before we attach this facade to the rest of the house! Hot glue the grass to the base of the board. Cut out your windows and glue them in place. Once they are all glued on, you can draw the windowpane lines in white pencil using a ruler for clean lines.

Don’t you love the details in this?

Glue on the eyebrows to the glasses. We used faux gray fur, but you could also use two gray stick-on mustaches.

Use hot glue to adhere the house to the box base. Tape the balloons to the house so it looks like they are coming out of the chimney and cut off excess length.

Now, where’s that puppy?!

How fun is this? The most important thing is to make sure you play around and adjust the house as needed to make sure it fits your pup comfortably. Extra credit: If you really want to get the most out of this, throw it on top of a hat and you can rock this costume for yourself! So silly.

Do you have a pet? Do you dress them up for Halloween? Tell us about it in the comments below.