We love a well-curated gallery wall as much as the next person, but we don’t have the budget to always shop art world up-and-comers. Luckily for us, there are tons of DIY or budget-friendly items that make striking conversation starters — and the best part is you probably already have some hiding in your home. (Maybe it’s a good thing you didn’t #KonMari after all!). Scroll on to see what we’re using for our latest framing frenzy.

1. Playing Cards: Vintage playing cards framed as a set make a captivating focal point. We’d love to try this with tarot cards too. (via Kickstarter)

2. Palm Fronds: Take your love of all things green up a notch by flanking houseplants with DIY framed palm fronds and leaves. Pressed between pieces of glass, foliage has an ultra modern look. (via Alana Jones-Mann)

3. Cyanotypes: Remember these from grade school? This blue photo-sensitive paper makes for a fun afternoon DIY project, and gives you lots to frame in a short amount of time. The version here uses toy figurines for a nursery, but we love this look when done with botanicals or significant sentimental objects too. (via Little Green Notebook)

4. Art Paper: Fancy paper from Rifle Paper Co. looks wall-worthy when framed using dowels, an idea that came from vintage botanical wall hangings. (via François et Moi)

5. Wedding Vows: What better decor for a newlywed couple’s first home together than a beautifully handwritten copy of their vows? (via Em for Marvelous)

6. Paint Chips: Don’t toss those Home Depot freebies just yet. A framed spectrum of paint chips has the impact of modern art, and can be adapted to suit any space. (via A Beautiful Mess)

7. Silk Kerchiefs: There’s no reason to let these delicate beauties languish in a closet. Whether a family heirloom or just scouted from a secondhand store, graephic print scarves make stunning wall art. (via Elements of Style Blog)

8. Vintage Clothing: Collected a few too-cool-to-pass-up vintage finds over the years that aren’t quite practical for everyday wear? Framing them gives you a chance to show them off and enhance your space’s style in one fell swoop. (via Patti Friday)

9. Record Albums: Regardless of if you’ve gone fully digital or are a turntable aficionado, album artwork is a great way to lend a graphic pop to a space. Pick a color theme (or lack of color theme, as seen here) to unify the set, or just showcase your faves. (via Interior Small)

10. Winter Scarves: Why should silk scarves have all the fun? Fringe adds a playful element to this scarf, giving it the suggestion of movement in the frame. (via I Suwannee)

11. Nothing: Yep, we tricked you; one of the best things to frame to make a statement is actually nothing at all. We love the look of a collection of eclectic, empty frames as their own unique focal point. (via Yatzer)

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