With the endless amount of health-related content on the Internet, you could research until you’re blue in the face about what to eat, what to avoid eating, fitness trends and how to exercise for your body type or whatever. It’s quite overwhelming, TBH. What’s a health-conscious gal to do? Here comes the DNA Lifestyle Coach, a Kickstarter aimed at giving you health recommendations based on your actual genetics.


According to Titanovo, the co. that created the product: “This is a genetic test and advanced results interpretation engine that will help you choose the optimal diet, sports, dental and skin care products, and stress reduction activities.” The recommendations given to you are supported by peer-reviewed science and the concept of “epigenetics.” Epigenetics is the idea that certain diets and lifestyle choices can “activate” or “de-activate” certain genes. For example, regular meditation affects the expression of hundreds of genes, and exercise tends to “turn off” genes for obesity and obesity-related diseases (obviously). To put it in layman’s terms, this Kickstarter gem uses this idea plus your actual DNA to help you make healthy decisions.

How do they do it? The DNA Lifestyle Coach either connects with the personal genomics company 23andMe.com or provides separate genetic testing, and then uses the results to dig deep into what you need to be as healthy as possible. A sample set of results makes it more clear how the process works.


Titanovo includes three PhDs in genetics, plus a whole group of volunteering nutritionists and sports medicine professionals who help them make conclusions using your data. But they also created algorithms that interface with a database of scientific articles about how certain activities and substances affect your genes, and this patent-pending search system keeps their recommendations up-to-date.

The “coach” searches through your double helix for things like caffeine and alcohol sensitivities, your predisposition to aerobic and anaerobic abilities, risk factors unique to your skin and teeth, ideal approaches for stress management and even supplements that you are more likely to need. This means no more reading cookie-cutter info online and saying bye bye to generalized vitamin recs forever!

In a nutshell, healthy living will turn into a logical pursuit based on your ancestry and biochemistry, rather than a game of chance. A Kickstarter pledge of $199 gets you a DNA testing kit and one DNA Lifestyle Coach, estimated for delivery at the beginning of summer! With a little over two weeks left to go, this Kickstarter has already met $13,287 of their $25,000 goal. So if you’re ready to be in tip-top physical, mental and emotional shape for summer fun, this is probably the project you want to be in on.

Check out the full video below.

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