There鈥檚 no better time than the holiday season to #treatyoself, but how much would you be willing to spend? Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana thinks that number is鈥 well, high. They鈥檙e releasing a line of limited-edition pasta tins for the holidays that will set you back $110 a pop.

Just months after releasing a line of kitchen appliances, the brand announced they鈥檙e teaming up with pasta maker Pastificio Di Martino for a line of collector鈥檚 tins filled with everyone鈥檚 favorite carb-heavy treat, and it makes the perfect gift for your foodie pals鈥 and you鈥檒l surely be a hit at every holiday feast with these.

The brand is only releasing about 5,000 of the tin boxes (with 1,000 for us here in the States) so if you want to snag your own tin of designer noodles, you鈥檒l have to act fast. Each tin will include three pasta shapes: spaghetti, the tubular paccheri, and penne mezzani rigate, and a super-chic limited-edition Dolce & Gabbana apron, perfect for the stylish chef in your kitchen.

Even better? Each apron will be signed by the designers themselves, so you鈥檒l probably NOT want to spill spaghetti sauce on this one.

If you find yourself in Italy, you can grab a box of the D&G pasta at Pasta Di Martino鈥檚 stores in Naples and Bologna. For those noodle lovers in the US, the tins will be available online starting tomorrow, November 15, on their site. Select stores in New York (including Buon鈥橧talia in New York City鈥檚 Chelsea Market) will also be stocking these collectible noodle boxes. Buon appetito!

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(Photos via Dolce & Gabbana/Instagram)