Ladies, let’s be honest: How often do you see yourself in the mirror and think something negative, like, “I wish my legs were thinner” or “Why is my nose so big?” We know we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves, but that doesn’t stop us from doing it anyway. To prove a point about just how cruel we can be, Dove has yet again released a video that’s making us reconsider our impossible beauty standards.

The new video that’s titled, #OneBeautifulThought follows a pretty dramatic idea: How would you react if someone told you out loud what you are secretly thinking? Dove asked women to write down any thoughts they had about themselves. They then secretly turned those thoughts into a dialogue between two actresses. The director invited each of the ladies back for coffee while the actresses sat at a neighboring table. The two actresses began having a loud conversation with each other where they said things like, “You’ve a big chest and really short legs” and “With your little baby teeth, you look like a mouse.”

Once the ladies who wrote down those thoughts overheard them actually spoken out loud, they had a very different reaction. One woman turned around and told the actresses: “It’s a little harsh what you’re saying to her isn’t it?” Another girl told the director, “It’s what I say to myself all day long. Now I see how violent it is.” Dove wrapped up the video with the question: If it’s not acceptable to say to someone else, why say it to ourselves?

First the “Love Your Curls” video and now this? We’re falling a little more in love with you every day, Dove.

Does this video make you reconsider those harsh thoughts you have about yourself? Tell us how you’re going to try to be nicer to yourself in the comments below.