There are lap desks, upright desks, treadmill desks and, now, the Super Upward-Looking Dozing Desk. You’re probably thinking, “WTF?!” Don’t worry, we were totally on the same page when we first discovered this crazy Japanese invention. But the Super Upward-Looking Dozing Desk isn’t totally nuts, because it actually gives everyone an excuse to stay in bed longer every single day.

Set to go on sale this month in Japan for around $90, the Dozing Desk securely holds your laptop in a frame above you via rubber hooks and a strap, allowing you stay in bed as long as you want without missing out on work, games or e-mail. For people who are injured, sick or otherwise cannot leave their beds, it’s also a handy tool that can keep you in the line of communication, all from the comfort of your heavenly bed. And, um, maybe it helps with carpal tunnel?

Sitting up in bed while on your laptop can hurt your back, your neck and just make you achey. But laying down in bed? Now that’s something we never complain about. While we applaud creative innovations — and this Dozing Desk is definitely one of those, perfect for the lazy bum in us all — we’re still left at the end of it all thinking, “WTF?!”

What do you think about the Super Upward-Looking Dozing Desk? Are you ready to invest in one? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

(h/t Kotaku)