How can you make 2018 the best year you’ve ever had? We talked to Dr. Nita Landry — OB/GYN and co-host of talk show The Doctors — to get her advice on living better this year. From fresh new ideas to returning faves, here are the hottest health trends she expects to see in 2018.

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1. “Me” Time: More women are beginning to understand the importance of self-care, or “me” time. They’re also realizing that it’s not just about fancy, expensive spa treatments or regular manis and pedis. Instead, they’re focusing on everyday habits that bring them happiness. For example, more women are learning a new hobby, dedicating 30 minutes to meditation every morning, or ensuring that they get enough sleep. Self-care benefits everyone, because when women feel more relaxed, they have an enhanced ability to support their families and uplift their communities. It’s time to unplug, kick your feet up, and feel good about it!

2. Body Positivity: This movement is about accepting your body the way it is — and helping everyone else feel comfortable in their skin too. “I’ve noticed that women who are more confident about their bodies are more likely to speak openly about sexual health issues like low libido, and they’re more likely to report issues such as urinary incontinence,” Dr. Landry shares.

3. HIIT and Strength Training: High-intensity interval training (or HIIT) is a workout that alternates between focused bursts of activity and fixed periods of less activity, or even complete rest. For instance, you might run as fast as you can for one minute and walk for two minutes, then repeat that three-minute set five times for a 15-minute workout. Women are also adding strength training to their cardio workout routines. Building more muscle leads to health benefits like a higher metabolic rate and stronger bones and joints. Dr. Landry recommends adding these workouts to your schedule two to three times per week.

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4. Robot-Assisted Surgery: In gynecology, robot-assisted surgery may increasingly become an option for some patients who would otherwise need larger incisions. Other surgical specialties will also continue to reap the benefits of robot-assisted procedures. These minimally invasive surgeries are associated with smaller incisions, shorter hospital stays, and faster recoveries.

5. Wearable Health Devices: With features that range from knowing how many calories you burned while running to checking your sleep patterns, we’ll be seeing more of these tech gadgets that help women track their activity levels and health. “The wearable devices frequently used today might soon be replaced with clothing,” speculates Dr. Landry. “For example, the company Athos plans to launch fitness clothes that measure muscle activity, respiration, and heart rate in real time. Also, Google is working with jeans manufacturer Levi Strauss & Co to develop clothing that interacts with your devices. These garments will have sensitive surfaces that will be able to check your weight, respond to your movements, and even make a phone call.”

6. New Healthier Noodles: Move over, zucchini noodles: Lentil and quinoa pastas are here. Dr. Landry predicts more alternative pasta options will appear in 2018. They’ll still be easy to cook and taste similar to regular noodles, but they’ll have fewer simple carbs while offering more nutrients.

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