Spring has sprung and we’re throwing it a party. In our garden! BYOW though. Why, you ask? Well, water is expensive these days and a pretty important resource we’re sick of wasting. And we don’t need to have the sprinklers free-flowing to see our little buds turn into flowers and veggies, we’re inviting Droplet to help us with that. It’s a watering system that’s going to take our smart home’s future into our backyard.

According to the company, sprinklers are wasting around 56% of what they’re spitting out and costing the average American sprinkler user about $265 a year. That’s a waste of resources and cash, if you missed the math. Droplet is a smarter sprinkler that will help you change that with a precise system that waters when and where you need it to, only as much as it needs to.

The whole process can be set up in five minutes. You hook Droplet up to your hose and then hook your smartphone up to it. Log on to SmartDroplet.com and tell the system where your plants are and what types you have growing on back there.

This beauty taps into its WiFi-enabled, cloud-connected brains to figure out when, where and how much water to use for all the plants in your garden and yard, calculating over 10,000 weather stations’ data in real time, millions of miles of US soil and enough flora facts to fill up a biology text book or two.

You can even dance around in Droplet’s party without slipping — it will water your lawn without soaking your sidewalks, driveway, patio furniture or anything else you might have around that’s not a plant.

Droplet says it will save you up to 90% of the water you’ve been using. And a gazillion gallons of water. So the secret to a green (and green, like eco too!) thumb will save us green (like, $$) too? Count us and our cukes in! You can pre-order Droplet on Amazon now for $300.

Did you know you could bring gadgets into the garden too? What are you growing this year?